Memorial, St. Agnes, virgin and martyr

The first reading is about the anointing of David by Samuel the prophet. At this time Saul was still the king of Israel but Yahweh God had rejected him.  So He chooses David to be his successor. David was still taking care of the sheep when God singles him out from among his brothers and commands Samuel to anoint him. After his anointing the Lord was with David in whatever he did until he becomes king of Israel. This is what happens to a person specifically chosen by God for a special task/responsibility. God gives him emotional and spiritual strength, and in David’s case, even physical strength. He consoles him in his sufferings, inspires his to do great deeds and corrects him when goes astray. David experienced all these because he found favor in God’s eyes.  Those whom the Lord loves are blessed indeed. God does many things for them so that they in turn can do many things for others and for God.