Melinda Gates Attacks Catholic Teaching

Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and a Catholic, is telling governments to dismiss the controversial link between contraception and population control and explicitly rejects Catholic social teaching along the way.  Her rhetoric is part of her multi-billion dollar foundation’s new “NoControversy” campaign to reinforce universal access to birth control as a priority in the developing world.

Speaking at a TedxChange conference in Berlin, Germany, Gates argued that contraception has been mistakenly associated with population control, abortion, forced sterilization, and mortal sin and insisted they are “side issues” that “have attached themselves to the core idea that men and women should be able to decide when to have a child.”

Yet even Gates herself admitted that for years population control and contraception have become synonymous in the developing world, with countries like India “adopt[ing] unfortunate incentives [and] coercive methods as part of their family planning programs” in the 1960s and indigenous women in Peru being “anesthetized and sterilized without their knowledge” as recently as the 1990s.

Though these coercive practices may have fallen out of favor, it may be far harder for organizations like the Gates Foundation to separate their own promotion of contraception entirely from population control.

In their Annual Letter for 2012, the Gates Foundation draws a direct connection between “unsustainable” population growth and poverty and posits contraception as an essential tool to ensuring that “populations in countries like Nigeria will grow significantly less than projected.” Even recent history shows that governments that make fertility reduction a priority can easily slip into coercive modes such as what Gates recognized happened in Peru not long ago. The US government has said that even goals and timetables for contraceptive use are inherently coercive.

Gates was particularly critical of the Catholic Church. She singled out Catholic social teaching as an obstacle to access to contraception throughout the world, stating that “as a practicing Catholic,” and “in the tradition of the great Catholic scholars,” it is “important to question received teachings,” in particular  “the one saying that birth control is a sin.”

Along with the Gates Foundation, organizations like UNFPA blame religious beliefs and contraception’s association with population control for creating a situation in which over 215 million women in the developing world experience what they call an “unmet need” for contraception. They define “unmet need” as “women and men who say they want no more children or want to delay their next birth by more than two years, but are not practicing contraception.”

However, claiming that women who do not want children immediately and who report not using contraception as in “need” of contraception is misleading, as was shown in a landmark study by economist Lant H. Pritchet, currently professor of the Practice of International Development at Harvard.

The study finds that access to contraception has little effect on fertility and that women will have the number of children they choose whether they have access to contraception or not. The study also explains that factors such as dislike for the side effects of contraception and religious objections are just as important as the cost and availability of contraception.

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  • guest

    The problem with the people in the world….is self gratification, with certain prejudice. Having attend much attention for achievedment..then setting apart from his religious zeal…isn’t a good example of faith and reason. Such view will not compromise the teaching of the Church. You’re a lukewarm christians not good to be emulate.

  • Hartoni

    It tells us how lack of catechesis she is. I hope this is not indicative of the majority of catholics in the world.

  • Hole

    I’m totally with her on this.

  • Clement_W

    I agree with the article, but I wonder whether anyone ever asks the question ‘What brought us to this pass?’ If we can answer this basic question, it will lead us to ask the next question, ‘WHY did we let this happen?’

    It is easy to take issue with what someone says which is akin to what a new graduate of a medical school with a ton of knowledge would say to someone who comes to him/her with the complaint ‘My tummy hurts!’, then the new doctor whips out the prescription pad and writes out a prescription for Aspirin and soothingly says to the patient, ‘This will take away your pain. Call me in the morning if it is not better.’

    We forget what Jesus said ‘If you who are sinners would not give your child a stone if he asked for bread……….how much more will The Father give of His Holy Spirit if you asked?’ And, what does the Holy Spirit bring us when asked, His SEVEN Gifts!

    Let us pray that well-meaning practising catholics ask for the Holy Spirit in their lives and I know that the prayers of a righteous man/woman will not be refused.

  • Dan

    It is certainly indicative of the wealthy who think, due to wealth, they are more knowledgeable than others.  This is the same issue with most famous people who pontificate on issues they know little about.

    For instance she quotes unnamed “scholars” about her rejection of birth control as being a sin.  If finding some “scholar” to quote is all it takes, one can believe absolutely anything one chooses as their is a “scholar” who will support it. 

    Also, these are two entirely different issues-birth control as sin and the morality of contraception as birth control. She mixes the two as if they are the same thing-which of course they are not. Related, but not the same. She obviously has never really investigated why the Church teaches or she would have a different argument. She is, what has been called, a cafeteria Catholic. Picking and choosing which social teaching she follows. This is, of course, her prerogative, but one that betrays any serious belief in the authority by which any of the social doctrines are taught.

    She may be “practicing” but is certainly not a learned Catholic or an orthodox Catholic. This is what occurs when one’s mind is made up and then goes in search of justification for that errant belief.

  • Ahawkins77

    It is a sad reality to see someone like Melissa Gates, who has been given an immense opportunity by her God, through her financial resources and her name, to be a witness for Christ, for the Truth and instead she has chosen, like Samson of the Bible, to “do what is right in her own eyes”, and negate the truths that the Church teaches. As a practicing Catholic, Melissa Gates, as are all Catholics, is called to uphold, protect and defend the Chruch and her teachings. This article tells me she is doing otherwise.
    The use of contraception is an act that speaks these words, “Sorry God , but I don’t trust you to know if or when or how many children I should have and so I will make these decisions without you!” Contracetion treats pregnancy like a disease to be avoided, allows men to treat women like objects as well as allowing women to treat men like objects and lastly treats children like a burden to be cast off,  or a stumlbing block to ones dreams and desires. Contraception is the epitome of self-centeredness!

  • Germaine

    It is quite abvious that Gates has no clue what the REAL teaching of the Catholic Church is and why the Church is teaching what she is teaching

  • MaryK

    A perfect reason why Melinda Gates (or any other Cafeteria Catholic) will never be elected a bishop, cardinal or pope, simply by virtue of their celebrity rather than their understanding of the Catholic faith.

  • MaryK

    A perfect reason why Melinda Gates (or any other Cafeteria Catholic) will never be elected a bishop, cardinal or pope, simply by virtue of their celebrity rather than their understanding of the Catholic faith.

  • Pstra

    There is an obvious “hole” in your understanding of the Catholic faith.

  • Cecelia

    Is Melinda Gates going to set up a fund/program for STD’s?

  • Editor


  • Imalcathic

    Just because someone is rich and so, doesn’t mean they can say what they want.  Being in the public eye makes it worse.   I say if you aren’t going  to follow the teachings of the church, then wouldn’t it be best to find a church that you agree with and don’t profess you are “catholic”.   Also, I’m so tired of these liberal catholics bad mouthing the church.   Leave if you don’t like it, plain and simple.

  • God bless all people who say they know what the Church teaches and are wrong and God bless all of us to stand up for what the Church teaches who do have some idea what we are talking about.  May we proclaim the Good News from the roof tops!!!

  • Mom4Life
  • Abort and decrease is her message. Increase and multiply is what God tells us.  I stand with God.

  • I am  tired of the so-called Catholics such as Joe Biden, Melinda Gates, Nancy Pelosi
    defy authentic Church teaching by saying and doing anything they want; even though what they are doing is heritical. If you do not like what the Church believes, get out.  You can not have your cake and it it to.

  • mrbill2600

    This is a perfect example of the rich and/or famous having been pampered to a point that they come to believe that they know everything about what is good and best for everyone. 
    What has happened is that Satan, the father of all lies, has placed in their head and then into their heart the unforgivable sin of “blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.” Simply put that is the sin of calling evil… good.

  • Martin Corts

    I’m afraid it is…or has been.  Check out Fr. Robert Barron…

  • MaryK

    GK Chesterson said it well, “Wrong is wrong – even if everyone in the world does it wrong.”  So, the Church will go on proclaiming Truth, and if you – or I, [or anyone else] decide for oneself the morality of these issues, the Church is not moved.  If we look back at history in the person of King Henry VIII, we see a major ruler in the world deciding for himself that wrong is really right.  He was not the first – nor is he the last.  We can add one more to the tally – and still the Church stands firm.  As for me, I will be on the side of the Church.

  • J Lahman

    Isn’t it ironic that Mrs. Gates a so called Catholic want to DESIGN her own verison of what it is to be CATHOLIC???    You have a choice you standby our CATHOLIC upbring or you do not.
    That is what the Lord gave us A CHOICE. Praise to Our Lord Jesus Christ son of the LIVING GOD

  • J Lahman

    Isn’t it great that the HOLY SPIRT has touched our soul.   Praise be to GOD

  • steve5656546346

    The fruits of 50 years of Church silence–below the level of the Pope–concerning why artificial birth control is wrong.

  • just a simple guy.

    Perhaps her “scholars” are Nancy Pelosi, MI former Governor Granholm, and the unholy host of others who beat their drum on the dead horse issue of contorting the truth to fit their agenda.

    Where are Church leaders?  Each time these scandelous remarks go unchallalged another hammerfall deepens the nails holding our Savior to His cross as the apostate’s message harden’s the hearts of the mis-formed nominal Catholics.

    Why do we call these folk “cafeteria” Catholics?  Even at the worst cafeteria, one gets some nourishment, no matter now paltry it may be.  Preferred lable?  “Cannibal Catholics”  They attempt to eat the heart or soul of church doctrine to satisfy their unformed and mis-formed need for self satisfaction.

    Where are church leaders, men and women of God who will carry the One Truth?

    Lord, harden not OUR hearts, we pray for CONVERSION of those hungry for Your truth, the One Truth found in Your Light.  We all seek you, Lord Amen.  

  • Alecto

    Has anyone asked Mrs. Gates whether she also supports sex selection abortion?  Apparently she hates her fellow women so much, she’s more than willing to kill them.  No hate like the self-hatred of white women!

  • Meg- To me, there is nothing wrong with using contraception, if one desires it, but let them be responsible for furnishing it themselves. Tax payers have enough to pay for, besides something so trivial. If your church oppposes it, if you are a strong believer in the church teachings, then abide by them, or keep your mouth shut.

  • as a practicing RC, a bible reader and a sinner in this topic, i clearly see the scriptural call for nature to take its course. unimpeded by man’s devises, that turn the procreating act between a marirried man and women into so much fornication, adultery. the degradation of society at large is obvious when one looks over the past 50yrs decline caused not just by contraception, but other values shifts.

    when is the general population going to get it that the elites want to stem reproduction to eliminate competition for their position. they and their following un-productive progeny can burn their piles of cash as long as the increase of population is slowed enough to keep resources flowing to them.

  • Apilgrimsoldier

    Artificial contraception is a detriment to the progress of love between a husband and wife as well as for couples out of wedlock. They contain chemicals that change the very being of a woman and the relationship she has with men. They damage the body. The small print on the pkgs are warnings of severe consequences that have come to pass for, who knows how many, women, some don’t connect their bloodclots or stroke or sterility to that source. Young women find it makes them irritable and so they stop using them. Recent stats find women who go to abortion facilities state they were using contraceptives but got pregnant anyway.  I don’t see why any woman would desire using them if they knew the truth. It’s a big scam. Someone should tell Mrs. Gates she’s uninformed, that women she wants to follow her plan are becoming educated to the truth.  Praise God! 

  • NoelFitz

    Bill and Melinda Gates have contributed very much to the health of many and prevented premature deaths.  Let us acknowledge this.  It is not up to us to judge the condition of anyone’s soul.

    Also I would like to hear more about the opinion of Pro-Lifers concerning capital punishment.

  • just a simple guy.

    “Cafeteria” Catholics?  Even in the worst cafeteria, there is nutrition to be found.
    At best folk of this ilk are poorly catecised – poorly formed in their so-called “faith”, at worst – well, I leave that up to a Power far greater than I. 
    My designation for these sad folk, worthy more of our prayers than of our scorn is “Canibal Catholics”.  They feed not off the body of Christ, but of His bride, the faithful church.

    Mrs. Gates, please end your scandelous behavior,

  • just a simple guy.

    Sorry, you want to change the subject because…???

    Noel, you wouldn’t have asked the question if you did not want to deflect the kernel of scandal Mrs. Gates is engaged in.  Wanna know how Pro-Lifers profess Cap Pun?  Simple.  Read the teachings of the church.  End of story and glad to be of assistance to you Mr. Fitz.

  • just a simple guy.

    Elegant reply A! 

    Of course, concern over inhumane animal testing, snail darters, etc. etc. etc. deserve a modicom of attention and validation/invalidation, BUT the pollution of women from chemicals voluntarily induced and the VIOLENT alteration of millenia of human reproductive development is not a subject of mild interest to those who profess to revere “nature”.  Hmmmm, how’d that happen???

  • annie

    The arrogance and judgement of many of you people make me ashamed to call myself Catholic; your ignorance is even worse. I would bet Mrs. Gates is much more educated in a number of subjects, including the teachings of the Catholic Church, than any of you who have responded. She was not born into her great wealth, she worked very hard to move up in the business world and has done a great many positive things in the world, many more than any of you.

    How many of you have watch a child starve to death? He doesn’t die after a few days. He lingers,while his body starts to eat away at itself only to end with the child in a semi-coma while his brain slowly dies. This could actually take months. Who of you have gone to help comfort these children or their parents? How many of you have taken care of a newborn addicted to crack because his mother was a drug addict? They scream non-stop for weeks on end and lives you can’t even imagine. How many of you have seen the corpses of babies who’s parent have burned them, beaten them, or thrown them out like trash after months of horrific abuse. My husband, being “CSI” for one of this countcountry’s biggest cities will tell you how often these things go on. How many of you have adopted a child?

    If the only thing you people can do is judge, instead of going out and finding a better answer, then I am afraid you will continue to be limited Christians and even more limited human beings. I went to 12 years of Catholic school and have worked at a Catholic school for 20 years and I thank God I have not been exposed to such critical Catholics, not one of one of you is an example of God. The Catholic Church has undergone changes in the last 2000, i.e. Vatican II. I have 3 children I am putting through Catholic school at a great expense, I hardly think God cares if I use birth control, so that I can continue to feed them and put them through Catholic school. Do you really think God wants these drug addicts, mentally ill, etc. people having children they cannot care for, or worse, go on to abuse. Again, how many of you have adopted children. Why don’t you go out and actually help somebody!

  • MaryK

    “…arrogance and judgement of many of you people… If the only thing you people can do is judge …not one of you is an example of God …Why don’t you go out and actually help somebody!”

    These are the statements from your post that seem to come from an angry heart and mind. I’m sure you have experienced or witnessed many of the terrible things done to children – the precious anawim of God, and i am heartbroken at the evil that human beings can do to one another, and especially to its young.

    Yet, contraception and abortion is not the answer, nor would they be a solution to all the things you have written about.  As professing Catholics, we believe in the Teaching Authority of the Church, and have studied and read many of the documents that support these decisions.  We are not automatons who have no thoughts of our own simply because someone says we have to accept without critical thinking, every word that comes out of their mouths, or in encyclicals.  And, I challenge you to be more informed of the reasons for Catholic teaching; you might not be so quick to judge and condemn all of us who responded.

    And for the rest of us, we really need to be more pro-active in helping to keep the little ones safe from harm by supporting the needs of parents who are despairing and on the brink of disaster.  Instead of “you people” used as a weapon, “We people” can make a difference.

  • cbenincasa

    If Melinda Gates was truly a practicing Catholic, she would be aware of the teachings of the Catholic Church found in the Catholic Catechism on the sacrament of Matrimony. If she took the time to study she would learn about the partnership of one man and one woman with the Creator for the continuation of the human race. She could also take look on the articles on chastity in marriage. Hopefully, some day we will begin to understand that most of today’s intrinsic evils are caused by society’s lack of self-discipline, lack of respect for our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit, and an excess of self-love.   So many today think that they can pick and
    choose which of the Ten Commandments they wish to obey.  Obedience to God’s will is the true path to salvation. People like Ms. Gates, Ms. Sebilius, Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Biden, and others who like to present themselves as practicing Catholics maybe surprised one day when the Truth, which is the Catholic Church,  is once again in the hearts and voices of all those who have been given the gift of True Faith. 

    In the words of a great Catholic scholar, Catherine of Siena, “After all these tribulations and miseries, in a way beyond all human understanding, God will purify Holy Church by awakening the spirit of the elect. This will lead to such an improvement in the Church of God and such a renewal in the lives of her holy pastors that at the mere thought of it my spirit exalts in the Lord. The bride who now is ugly and ill clothed will then, as I have told you often before, be most beautiful, adorned with precious gems and covered with the diadem of all the virtues. All the faithful will rejoice to be honored by such pastors, and even unbelievers, attracted by the sweet odour of Jesus Christ, will return to the Catholic fold and be converted to the true Pastor and Bishop of their souls. Give thanks to
    the Lord, therefore, who after the tempest will give His Church a period of
    splendid calm” These were her very words. 

    Written in the 15th century, and yet so applicable to today’s world and today’s Catholic. Bishop Michael Jackels of the Wichita Diocese says it so well “…take up the Rosary, which is mightier than both sword and pen, begging the intercession of Mary, the Immaculate Conception, Patroness of our country, that once again, like at Lepanto, an enemy of religious liberty be defeated.”

  • cbenincasa

    As a pro-lifer I am opposed to capital punishment. The CCC states in does not condemn capital punishment in cases were no other means can stop the aggressor from inflicting harm on society. As a pro-lifer I am also opposed to life created outside of the womb of the mother. An intrinsic evil that is generally accepted by must pro-lifers. All life created by an act of the Creator in union with the act of a man and a woman is sacred and should be nurtured until natural death. Life created outside of the womb even though not a direct partnership with the Creator should still be nurtured until natural death. In many cases implanted embryos are selectively aborted, un-implanted embryos are destroyed, fetus that may have a birth defect or the wrong gender are also sometimes aborted. Every time human beings try to take the place of the Creator instead of being co-creators with Him, human pride and self-love interfere with God’s Will and bring about the chaos of today’s world.

  • annie

    Yes, “you people” can make a difference, but do you, will you? Like I said before I went to Catholic school and have worked at a Catholic high school for almost 20 years. I am fully aware of the reasons behind the teachings of the Catholic Church. I also know many people that continue to read over the scriptures while never putting any of them to good use.

    “Heartbroken” that’s kind of you. Yes I am angry, as I have to believe as a practicing Catholic you would be if you actually saw for yourself what is happening in the world. I am not sure you can understand the scriptures sitting in a room with others who have not personally seen the horrific, unspeakable things happening to children in this world; things you could not even come up with unless you saw it for yourself.

    Why don’t some of you take one day away from you readings and go to a shelter that helps female drug addicts. Not the recovering ones, but rather the ones right off the street and then tell me we should allow them to risk getting pregnant and give birth to a child that will be born with the same addiction from the first day of life. If you have the resources, plan a trip to a third world county with one of the many Catholic organizations that help the poor. Watch has child starve and mothers, watch helpless to do anything.

    The students at the school I work do a minimal of 55, thousand hour of community service a year, because the kids always take on more service, it is usually more like 65-70,000 hours PER year. Many of those students travel to Africa, Mexico, etc. to help the poor. We have kids who go down to the homeless shelters, hospitals, and child centers to do work. I truly believe that if it were up to God, He would rather these kids spend their time continuing to help these people instead of spending one minute on planning when they can have sex with their spouses or having more children then they can afford.

  • annie

    Very well put. I would also like to know the thoughts on Pro-Lifers concerning capital punishment, a subject I am very torn about. What are your thoughts on putting a human being in a cage for 40-50 years with little or no human contact? Many of us would never think to let are animals live like this, but some of these people could and should never be allowed to live in public. Without trying to sound like I am justifying the death penalty, there are times when I feel like capital punishment might be the kindest thing to do because I truly believe that God knows how incredibly sick these serial killers are and He will bring them peace and forgiveness.

  • MaryK

    This post is in reply to both of yours. I was taken aback because of your very accusative manner – using the word “you” as a weapon to tell all of us how ignorant we were and not caring about the suffering (especially of mothers and children) of this world.  I am confused as to how you can know what is in the hearts and actions of each of us –  I thought only God can know what is within us..

     It also seemed, in your first post, that you believe contraception and abortion are the answer to the suffering of mothers and children.  And in both posts it appears that you believe all we do is sit in our little groups or at our computers and verbalize our faithfulness to Catholic doctrine without ever doing anything to relieve the suffering of humanity.  I want to assure you that most of us, either singly or communally do everything possible to help those who suffer, working on crisis lines, taking food baskets to the hungry, visit those in prison, counsel the despairing, house pregnant mothers, take communion to the sick and elderly and many more things to help those who suffer.

    Yet we also believe, most assuredly, in Right to Life, especially for the most innocent among us, as taught by the Catholic Church.  From the moment of conception, that is a human being loved by God. One cannot read Psalm 139 without knowing how much we are loved by God, “Truly, you have formed my inmost being; you knit me in my mothers womb…” 

    So, If a person can call him/herself Catholic while picking and choosing what teachings to practice, then tell the world that both God and the Church are wrong, setting ones self up as the authorative voice – then we’d have to change the name of the Church, for it would no longer be Catholic. I commend Melinda Gates for all she has done for the poor, but I cannot accept her contradictions to the teaching of the CC. Good works, without faithfulness to sound teaching does not make one a “practicing Catholic”

  • annie

    First of all you might go back and read post other than your own to see accusatory words, which is why I responded the way I did, which by the way was wrong, I do not believe in abortion, nor did I stay that anywhere in my post. I do believe in preventing unwanted pregnancies so that fewer children have to be addicted to drugs, beaten, or left in foster care for the rest of their lives. Many of these women are mentally ill, addicts, or abused themselves, they don’t care or can’t care what the Catholic Church says, so as a result another child suffers. By preventing conception, I believe we are just leaving that soul with God until a later time.

    Melinda Gates truly believes she is doing something to help the suffering in the world. She is not power hungry or to rich to care about others. Who is to say she is not as inspired by God as the Pope in the very wealth, famous world he lives in. She is very educated on the Catholic Church, its teachings and its history, a history that has been severely flawed at times. Popes that have been corrupt to the point where changes had to be made. In Catholic school you not only study present teachings, but also past teachings. Many changes came from looking at what was needed or happening in the world, not just because some Pope was inspired by God. I am curious to how many people who posted were born and raised Catholic and went to Catholic school.

    As far as picking and choosing our practices, I wonder how many of those that were condemning to Melinda Gates and others in this post went to confession before receiving communion, as I think they committed a sin, as did I; you however did not.Everyone must face their own beliefs and answer to God. He knows what is in our hearts and if we truly believe we are doing something for the right reasons than how can He condemn us.

  • Editor

    Hello Annie,
    Thanks for your comments and for your interest in this article. I’d like to address your statement: “By preventing conception, I believe we are just leaving that soul with God until a later time.” I see this idea expressed more and more frequently. It isn’t Church teaching, of course, but it’s also not scientific at all. Science teaches us that a certain egg and a certain sperm combine and, with various genetic and environmental factors, become a particular unique person. This backs up what the Church has always taught, with the Church adding that these material components are essentially linked to an eternal soul. In other words, a soul is not something floating around which God “plugs in” to any random body, but is inherently connected to one particular body. Which is why, if I prevent conception, I am preventing the conception of a particular someone–I may have another child later, but he or she will be a completely different person.

    Obviously, you are free to believe anything you like, but I wanted to be clear about what the Church teaches and, therefore, point out another way in which Melinda Gates is currently out of sync with genuine Church teaching.

  • Annie

    Thank you for your response. Yes it is only my belief because I would never try to explain how God truly creates a human being. No one truly know how God works, not the Church and not the scientist. Nor does anyone know what happens to those potential human beings if not conceived by 2 human beings. They may be the souls who stay with God and never experience suffering or they may be lost forever, no one knows. However, a very small percentage of those born to addicts, mentally ill, or the poorest of  mothers will not only face a life of tragic suffering, but go one to produce the same problems for their own children, continuing to make the problems worse as time goes on.

    Catholics preaching their beliefs has not been the answer for a very long time and it will never help those who are so very ill. So how do we help these children? How many have spent the majority of time trying to stop these individuals from having sex or adopted the children they produce? Just maybe, maybe, God is working through Melinda Gates to stop the suffering of so many “unwanted” children, not through abortion but through prevention. Again no one knows what God truly wants, but everyone knows the suffering that most of these children go through for much of their lives. I don’t believe that is what God wants, and yes that is just my belief; one I am more than willing to face God with someday.

  • MaryK

    I’m replying as if to the first post so this one won’t be compressed into so small a space, making it seem longer than it really is – sorry about that.

    This has been a very enlightening and spirited conversation and i’m grateful to you who have responded, including “Editor” and to those who read it without responding.  I would hope that all of us pray and ask our Lord for wisdom to know his will, and strength to follow it.

    Annie, it is simplistic to cite one one persons story only, for the stories are legion, but I would like to tell you mine for it has shaped much of my belief.  Please forgive my self-indulgence. 
    Story#1: I was 30years a fundamentalist, evangelical, Catholic hating Protestant – for that was what I was taught. Then, in the midst of ordinary life a precious friend introduced me to the truth of Catholic teaching with Biblical certainties that i never dreamed possible. Among my studies, i read everything i could about respect for life issues, and decided i could no longer use contraceptives (i already had 3 children). Ten months later, i gave birth to the sweetest little boy, one can ever imagine. I shudder to think he might never have been.
    Story#2″ Upon my entry into Catholic faith my spouse told me he didn’t want more children, and since i refused to use contraceptives, he had a vascectomy.  He consequently felt free to have affairs without fear of impregnating, so the marriage ended with much suffering, for me and for my children.

    Some would say i brought that on myself, but I say not, for the most wonderful gifts God has given me in addition to His Church, are my children. In some respects, Annie, i feel close to you in these communications.  Let us both pray for each other that God will help us in our journey of life.  God bless!

  • annie

    Thank you for sharing your story, I am sorry for the pain you must have gone through and happy for the true joy you have obviously focused on. BTW, I think your husband would have done what he did no matter how you handle the situation; you definitely did not bring on what he chose to do.

    Now I will tell you my story. At twenty one I was near death and doctors told my family to prepare for the worst. The sole reason I didn’t give up was that I desperately wanted a child of my own. I did everything I could to survive. I married 6 years later and was soon told my husband and I could not have children of our own which left me numb. After a great deal of prayer, sole searching, and speaking to priests (none of who judged my decision), I decided to go against the Catholic Church’s teaching and we had help through AI to have a child of our own.  God gave me a big beautiful baby boy. I have no doubt what I did was blessed by God. If that makes me a non-practicing catholic to some, then I will face that when the time comes.

    God’s is guiding all of us, only He can say who of us have gone astray. Preaching the Truth is different than using the Bible to condemn others. We all need to remember that. Thank you Mary for reminding me, and thank you for your prayers, I know I need them. I will pray for you as well. Many people who have posted here might say that Catholic Jesuits priest are non-practicing Catholic, but you might want to read about them because they focus more on God’s love and forgiveness while we continue to try to find our way in this world, often sinning while trying to do so. Take care and thank you for your responses.

  • MaryK

    Just a little postscript – It was interesting you mentioned “Jesuit priests” in yours – for the “precious friend” who introduced me to the Catholic faith was a Jesuit priest.  I call him precious bc i thank him so much for leading me to the CC. Also, your BTW comment, i agree.  That was a long time ago and I’ve moved on.  My story is in the January2012 issue of Coming Home Network, if you are interested.

  • annie

    I will check it out. Another ironic note Melinda Gates, the whole reason for this post, graduated from Ursuline in 1982. I graduated from the same Ursuline in 1984 and remember her very well. The Jesuit priests from the Jesuit school down the street were the ones who did all our Masses.  I hope the people who post on this spot read about the Jesuits and all the good work they do without judging those they help. Mary, keep in touch with that Jesuit priest, he saw a wonderful and kind soul in you. The Jesuit priest I have known over the years have been some of the greatest blessing in my life. I know God will continue to bless you for your patience and love for others.

  • annie

    Why is it that the “true teaching” of the sacrament of marriage in the Catholic Church was decided by only men? If you were to study the history of the Catholic Church, as Melinda Gates did throughout her 12 years in Catholic school, you would learn how much corruption there as been by bishops and popes in the past who were also ones who were suppose to know “The Truth”. No one but God himself is perfect and all Ms. Gates is trying to do is come up with a way to stop the suffering of thousands of children around the world. Not one person has posted another solution. not one; nor has the Catholic Church.

  • AnnaMarie53

    In what alternate universe is Melinda Gates “a practicing Catholic?”

  • Jacqueleen

    Progressives LIE…..and they all do it! 

  • Jacqueleen

    Please allow me to express a true story about the supposed generosity of the Gates Foundation.  Several years ago, I contacted the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in writing to pursue their financial help for a clinic that Archbishop Gregory E. Kpiebaya of Tamale, Ghana constructed in the outback villages for those Ghanaians who were unable to get to a hospital to be treated for Malaria and the effects of a Tse Tse fly bite that causes blindness if left untreated.  The Archbishop named the clinic, St. Lucy’s Clinic but due to lack of funds could not complete the complex with various finishes, equipment, medicines, staff, etc.  This clinic would have helped many people who suffer because they are denied treatment.
    The Foundation replied with a negative response saying that they only fund education in third world countries.  What they meant was that they only fund those institutions that will teach their philosophy of the death culture.  This is a foundation with a heart????

    Please be aware that Bill Gates also funds the GMO seeds from Monsanto, aerial spraying of chemicals and questionable vaccines.  All of which are controverial to say the least but suspect of dangerous outcomes. 

    Bill Gates is a member of the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, etc.  He is a known atheist.  He together with his crony billionaire friends, like Soros, Buffet, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Kissinger, etc. are on an aggressive campaign to rule the world.  They report to David Rockefeller and the Rothchilds.

    In brief, the truth about the Gates Foundation is not what the liberal media portrays.  Do you homework before defending them and then pray.

  • Mrs. H

    But she isn’t a practicing Catholic because she violates Church teachings. Even if she were just married to a non-Catholic on without the Catholic sacrament of marriage she wouldn’t be in good standing.