May I Sow what is Good

In very clear terms, today’s readings remind us that God welcomes the
good but will punish the evil. Perhaps, our first reaction to today’s
readings is fear of God and of His omnipotent power and majesty. It
would appear that God is presenting us with an ultimatum: be good
otherwise He will use His power to punish us.

But inasmuch as today’s readings remind us of God’s power and an
incentive for us to become better people, we can also view today’s
readings as an encouragement rather than a warning or threat.

After all, did God not appear to Moses and have a face-to-face talk
with him? Did Jesus not speak to his disciples as friends? God
described His awesome power, authority and justice in intimate and
personal conversations with His people.

The content of today’s message is that of the authority and power of
God; the context of today’s message is that of confidence and
encouragement for us to simply follow Him.

“Lord, may your all-consuming love rule in my heart and transform my
life that I may sow what is good, worthy, and pleasing to you.”