You Do Many Such Things

This Gospel ends by saying “And you do many such things.”” Many times, we use our “intelligence” or “philosophy” to get around
the word of God, seemingly not violating it, but in reality destroying the spirit of what the Law wants us to do. We can circumvent and rationalize, but in the end and in good conscience, we realize that we are doing things for lip-service and without meaning.

The key word here is the “heart.” God will judge us with what lies inside our hearts. People do not know what is inside other people’s
hearts. Sometimes we don’t even know what is inside our hearts. That is why we need to pray and reflect to discern what is inside our hearts. But God sees our hearts and knows our intentions, not just our deeds. Let us always be on guard against honoring God or others only with lip service. Let us be wary of being hypocrites which is detestable in the eyes of God. Let us pray for sincerity and humility of heart ever y day.