Many are called, but few are chosen

It is a gift to be chosen to partake of the divine revelation that God wishes to share with those He wants. Who are those who listen to the word of God and receive a special enlightenment while others don’t understand anything? It is a matter of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is likened to the wind – no one knows where it comes from and no one knows where it is going. The Son of God chooses to whom he wants to reveal his face. Many think that those who are chosen are those who deserve, or those who want, and probably it is simply the choice of the Son. Many are called, but few are chosen. And those chosen are not those who are worthy or special, but just the little ones that the Lord wants. “Little ones” means that those who have little securities and little defenses. They are the poor and humble ones who are available and who allow some space in their hearts for the coming of the Messiah. Those who are proud and haughty and those who cling to their gods and possessions will have no space for the Good News. As proclaimed in Isaiah, they have ears but cannot hear, eyes but cannot see. When our senses are obstructed by our attachments to the world, they cannot fathom the Holy Spirit.