Make a Splash or Make a Difference In Lent

An obscure Vincentian priest from Boston at the turn of the century was quoted as saying, 'Be good, do good and be a power for good'. Fr. Thomas A. Judge would later go on to start several religious communities of brave missionaries. These women and men would launch outreach initiatives on the East coast and into Mexico and Puerto Rico. His priests still minister today to the poorest of the poor in the US and beyond. In short, Judge made a difference, a BIG difference in the world.

How about you? What about me? And what about that guy who is the lead singer for U2?

Bono has bee praised for the last decade for using his celebrity status to make a difference. First it was debt relief and now he's championing the cause to end poverty and AIDS. A praiseworthy effort from a brave individual and nearly $100 million in advertising to get the word out. But is he really making a difference?

First Things reports that Bono's efforts as part of the RED campaign have only netted $18 million towards poverty and AIDS relief. $100 million in ads for $18 million of charity…makes you think- is Bono making a splash or leaving a legacy of improved lives?

I'm no Bono but I am trying to make a difference and if you're reading this post, you are too. Unfortunately, front men are easy targets of our criticism and whenever you go out on a limb to order your life according to honorable values, there will come a price.

Bottom line: aim for making a difference, no matter how often people criticize you. The splash isn't as significant as the enduring effects of your labor.

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