Majority Against Blessing Gay Unions

WASHINGTON — A major Washington Post survey says a large majority of the American public “disapproves of the Episcopal Church's decision to recognize the blessing of same-sex unions.” The survey found that 60% of Americans oppose the Episcopal decision, compared to 33% who support it and 7% who are not sure.

“Nearly half of all Americans who regularly attend worship services say they would leave their current church if their minister blessed gay couples,” said a Washington Post report. “Among Americans who attend church at least a few times a year, 47 percent said they would attend services elsewhere if their church blessed same-sex unions.” However, “An equal number said they would not leave.”

Public acceptance of same-sex civil unions (as opposed to marriage) is also falling. Only 37% of Americans support homosexual civil unions, a 12-point drop since Gallup asked the question in May.

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