Love, Peace and Joy

The gospel teaches us about the sanctity of the sacrament of marriage. It is truly God’s will for us to be faithful to our marriage vows. Christ said that husband and wife become one flesh and thus “let no one separate what God has joined” (Mark 10:9).

God has given us the laws and commandments so that we can live in peace, love and happiness. However, we have been continuously questioning God’s authority upon us, His creation. Because of our stubbornness, we make our own laws to suit our selfish interests. Moses wrote a law on divorce not because he agreed to divorce. He disapproved divorce because it is against God’s commandment. His intention was to discourage the Jews from getting divorced by having to undergo difficult procedures for the divorce to take effect. Yet, this did not stop the Jews from divorcing their spouses. Even today, we have become so proud and materialistic to the point of being gods ourselves. We live in a busy and materialistic world that we disregard the teachings of God. We stubbornly change the laws to fit our whimsical, capricious and selfish ways. Laws on divorce and abortion are passed without regard to their effects. Studies have shown that children of divorced parents suffer tremendous emotional and psychological pain. Women who underwent abortion live a life of guilt and regret.

Let us follow God’s will for us, His children, the way Christ loved and obeyed his Father, and so enjoy the fruits that will bring to our lives – love, peace, and joy.