Love of Money

Today’s first reading and gospel show us how to live as followers of Jesus Christ where money is concerned. The first reading warns us about love of money. It does not warn us against money and wealth but it is the love of it. In itself, money is neither good nor bad; but it is our addiction to it that sets us off on a perilous journey. When we place money at the center of our lives, we let it become our god. The gospel, on the other hand, tells us of how some women disciples used their financial resources to fund the mission of Jesus. For these women, the purpose of having money is to further the work of Jesus.

Has wealth become the center of my life? Does my attachment to money ever stand in the way of doing what Jesus would wish me to do? How can I use my financial resources to further the work of Jesus?

  • Dan

    I think your comments are the common approach to this reading, but I am increasingly questioning just this focus. Yes, we focus on the LOVE of money as the challenge. But I think it is profitable to read the verse before it, as it clearly states:

    “Those who WANT TO BE RICH are falling into temptation and into a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires, which plunge them into ruin and destruction.”

    This is the preface from which the love of money is discussed, and in my own life, and of most men I know in the suburban church, money is the goal. Finances rule our lives. Now I too am not against having wealth, but in this challenging time of history, consider for just a moment the witness Catholic families would have if we all lived much more simply-more like the average American. Do second homes, third cars and luxurious possessions really need to be the norm-which they are in suburbia. Imagine if all money over, say, 2x the cost of living for families in our city was given to various apostolates, charities and parishes. I’m not judging or hung up on the amount, but to live modestly within the city we live with large donations being the norm would be simply amazing and the work done by the various charities, apostolates and parishes an astounding witness.

    To put all we have at the service of Christ above a modest lifestyle seems a worthy if (personally) challenging goal.

  • pbecke

    A great post.