Love Is In The Air

My youngest son has fallen in love hard.  He is completely infatuated with one of his older sisters.  No doubt the treats she shares with him, the trips to the park, the piggy back rides and the stories she reads him has all made her the light in his eyes.

He informed her twin the other day of his devotion.  "I dreamed I was in love with Nicole and I made her a delicious dinner!"

Rachel was heartbroken.  I understand how she feels.  Not long ago, I was his princess!

He’s been a laugh a minute with some of the things that come out of his mouth lately.  And here I thought that the funniest times with him were over now that he is in kindergarten this year.

The other day he cleared his place at the table without being asked.  "Wow!  Thats so nice of you to do that all by yourself!" I praised him.

"That’s because I like the color purple," he informed me.  What?  Sometimes I can’t follow his thinking.

Another time he came running into the kitchen to tell me, in the throws of a hearty fit of laughter, the best joke in the world.  "Tubby the motorboat!" he shouted, while doubled over, tears in his eyes from laughing so hard.  "Pbbbbfft!  Pbbbbfft!" he said, and ran off.

Apparently, our cat Tubby would make a great motorboat and the sounds she would make are just hilarious.

He’s cute.  Who wouldn’t fall in love with him?  I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love with him minus those who know that his nickname is Leprechaun.  Hes a trickster with the ire of the Irish.  The boy can pitch a fit that makes that makes a hurricane look like a gentle breeze.  But as soon as it starts, its over.

So now he’s in love with his older sister.  The rest of us are chopped liver, or so it would seem.  On the sly he gives us a smile or a hug, but not if the love of his life is in the room.  He must defend his love for her ever gallantly.  No, I love only Nicole!

But the true measure of his love was lately discovered.  Like the pets in the house, its only tummy love.  He found his favorite sisters stash of chocolate, corn nuts and gummy worms and ate his fill.

Mommmmm!  Keep him OUT of my room!

The little one marches out of the room undeterred and quickly sidles up to his other sister.  Is it true love this time?   "Rachel, you can buy me an ice cream from the ice cream man."  I swear that kid batted his eyes.

Such is the love of a baby brother.

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