Love Dare Day Twenty: Love is Jesus Christ

Editor’s note: The author explains her family’s Lenten commitment to take the Love Dare here . Regular updates will be posted all through Lent. Click here to catch up on previous posts. Due to CE staff scheduling, we will not be able to keep up with these posts daily, but we will make sure they are all posted, even though it means they run past Lent. ]

We had a recommitment ceremony renewing our consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

“While we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly” (Romans 5:6)

“A glimpse of heaven.” That is how my husband described today. Where do I start in explaining the miracles that today brought? Let me start with our oldest daughter. She recently attended a Catholic retreat; She had been in pain, and searching desperately for something to hold onto. You see, Valentine’s Day marked the fourth anniversary of her brain surgery. It is always a tough time for her, but for some reason, this year she was really struggling. As she prepared for the retreat, she got into a minor car accident. She said that ‘evil’ was trying to prevent her from going. On that retreat, she found a renewed faith and a very special person. Today, they realized that they were falling in love. I don’t mean attraction, or lust, but love. It was as if our house had new life. Their joy just spread onto all of us like the wind of the Holy Spirit. We actually felt privileged to witness it.

Then, the miracles continued….. We had friends over for dinner and felt blessed by their presence. They have three children (under the age of three years-old) and my kids just took over. They watched them, played with them, loved them. I saw my children shine and it made my heart swell with happiness. Our friends melted into the peacefulness of letting others love and care for their babies.

Still, more…. A young man whom we have befriended was having serious issues at his home. He leaves for the military soon, right after high school graduation, but for now, he is a little displaced. My husband opened our home to him and invited him to stay with us whenever he needs to. He looked as if he had been wrapped up in a warm blanket. He smiled and played with the younger kids. He knew he was loved.

My son had his sweet girlfriend over as well. Our house brimmed with love and our cup runneth over. We decided to use that moment to recommit ourselves to Christ. We included all those in our home and they took part in our ceremony. We again promised to love and serve the Lord. We asked the Lord to make up in us the things that keep us from loving each other more fully and we pledged to continue His work here on earth.

Lord, is saying thank you enough? How can we ever thank you for the gift of your love, sacrifice and our salvation through you? Thank you. We love you. Help us to show that in the way we treat each other.

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