Love Dare Day Seventeen: Love Promotes Intimacy

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We are challenged to keep each others’ secrets.

“He who covers over an offense promotes love, but whoever repeats the matter separates close friends” (Proverbs 17:9).

I have long believed that this is a very important piece of marriage and family relationships. When we share each others’ vulnerabilities with others, we are exposing them to the world. I am amazed at how often I have heard this done.

The wife who complains endlessly about her husband’s faults to her girlfriends, or the husband who shares intimate details of his relationship with his wife damages that relationship. This is true in families also.

My oldest daughter and next youngest son (who fought through their early teens) have learned the value of protecting each other’s secrets. Recently, our daughter said that she had heard something worrisome about her brother, but she wouldn’t say what it was. Her reason was that he would not trust her again if she shared it and she would rather find out the truth first than destroy his trust in her without reason. I was very proud of her. She is a smart and loving girl and I knew that she would talk to her brother, guide him with good advice and bring us into the issue if he was in real trouble. As it turns out, her concerns were not justified and they were able to discuss the whole issue. What a gift, to have children who can trust each other, go to each other for advice and pray for each other when needed.

Lord, help us to know what secrets to keep and when to call in help. Let that ‘help’ always start with a prayer to you for guidance.

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