Love Dare Day Four: Love is Thoughtful

[Editor’s note: The author explains her family’s Lenten commitment to take the Love Dare here . Regular updates will be posted all through Lent.  Click here to catch up on previous posts.]

Ask a Family Member if they Need Anything During the Day

“How precious also are your thoughts to me…..” Psalm 139:17

This was a fun one. It was adorable how the littles asked everyone again and again if they needed anything. I think my little girl asked me five times!! I was surprised at the good will it brought about.

As a mom, I often feel invisible. My husband teases, “That’s how you know what a good job you are doing….when no one notices it unless you stop.” It was a pleasant experience to have family members checking in with each other about their needs.

I again observed that the older kids didn’t embrace this challenge the way the younger kids did. They did try though and little things can make a big difference.

Lord, teach us to anticipate the needs of others in our family and to ask what we can do when we are in doubt of what those needs are.

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  • Doris Rodriguez

    Today we had a major breakthrough! I have been very resentful of Ricky’s inability to talk about what happened to Cuddles and his seemingly indifferent attitude toward her since the accident, but when I finally told him how hurt I was over it, he admitted that he had cried for her in private. I asked him why he couldn’t show his feelings in front of me and he said something about needing to be strong for me. I told him that I needed him to be “weak” sometimes so that I would know he is human. When I found out that he had cried over Cuddles, my heart just melted for him. I need him to be honest in his emotions. When Cuddles went through her trauma, I needed to be held, but Ricky wasn’t there for me. We could have cried and grieved together, and it would have been such a comfort to me … and to him, too. We have to learn to turn to each other in times of hurt and sorrow, not away from each other. It’s not the words I need or his silent strength … it’s his willing shoulder and loving arms around me in times of great sorrow. And he needed the same thing. Sometimes the best thing you can do for a grieving friend … is just sit and cry with them … and wait for the storm to pass. Just call me Job. LOL

    Heavenly Father, teach me to love unconditionally. Help me learn to be thoughtful of my husband and to think before I speak. Give me patience and help me be kind. Help me to put his needs before my own. Amen. +++