Love Dare Day 32: Love Meets Sexual Needs

Fill each other’s needs and create intimacy.

“The husband must fulfill his duty to his wife, and likewise also the wife to her husband.” 1 Corinthians 7:3

Yeah, we thought the love vs. lust dare was going to be hard to adapt to family life. Again, it has struck me though, the physical unity between a husband and wife is something to be celebrated by the family, not something that we ignore or are ashamed of. This doesn’t mean you share the details of your love life with your kids, of course, but what is wrong with your children knowing you have a sex life? After all, how do they think they got here?

My husband and I try very hard to protect our private time together. When our children were small (and often in our bed), it took commitment and creativity to do this. As they have grown, we have learned to talk in code when we need time together. For instance, we might say, “Mommy and daddy have seen very little of each other this week. We are going up to our room to have a date with a movie and snacks. Do not disturb us unless you need the police or an ambulance!” The younger ones take that at face value and the older ones know what we are implying and they help protect our privacy.


Read between the lines of the day thirty entry. My husband and I make finding time for each other a priority and I feel that has kept our marriage strong. How does that transfer to a family dare? By letting our children see the joy and pleasure we still find in each other and showing them a strong example of keeping the Commandments about love, fidelity and satisfaction with your spouse. The best gift we give our kids is happy parents.

Lord, when life gets in the way, help us to renew our desire for each other and to actively look for opportunities to please each other. Let this love trickle down onto our children and cover our family with grace.

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