Love your brother

Love is not a feeling, it is an act of our will by which we wish good and not evil to another. We may have our personality conflicts and emotional preferences, but we must seek to do good to all people. God loves us even when we are committing sin. He expects us to love others even when they do us wrong.

For many of us, this is a lifelong struggle. It is a struggle to forgive as Christ forgives, to show mercy as God shows mercy, to wish well to another when others wishes ill to us. We have the power of God within us, since we have been begotten of God.

Practically speaking, love of neighbor is not always easy, but with God’s grace it is possible. Love is man’s first calling. The Lord calls us to give ourselves to bring true happiness to others.

As the Christmas season ends this coming Sunday, on the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus, we should continue keeping the needs of others foremost in our lives. There is so much we can do to show God’s love to others. Even as the decorations are kept and the memory of Christmas dims, we can still allow Jesus’ light to shine within us by living the commandment of love for our brothers and sisters. This is what Jesus calls us to do. We must actively participate in the mission for which Jesus came.