Lost and Found

Lost and found – the parable of God’s mercy. There is desperation if we lose something, especially if that something is very important, cherished and longed for. But what rejoicing when it is found!

Without the Lord, we are lost, confused, could not find our bearing. We are sort of like “dead men walking.” But when we return to the Lord, asking for forgiveness, there is rejoicing in the community, peace in the heart for we are found! It’s so consoling to see our Good Shepherd joyfully taking us on his shoulders … saying ” home at last”… “home again…” “welcome!”

Like that woman searching for the lost coin – the problem is one coin less will not complete the group … it’s lacking. So all the efforts are exerted to find what was lost … for we are important in the eyes of God. That lost thing is important, he/she has to be found. And when he/she is found, a lot of joy and rejoicing, for at last, God’s mercy has dawned upon the person. God’s mercy is inexhaustible and everlasting.

Lord, protect the works of your hands.