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Living in Faith With Bipolar Disorder | feat. Susan Johnson

While millions of people live with some kind of mental illness, it’s still a subject we’re having trouble discussing. As Catholic Christians, what can we do to lessen the stigma and offer hope and healing to those suffering mental anguish?

Today we welcome Susan Johnson, an author, teacher, and advocate to talk about faith and mental health. In her latest book, Some Dreams Are Worth Keeping, Susan discusses the role her own faith has had in bringing a sense of hope and healing, even when the weight of mental anguish is pressing down. 

Today’s episode is full of hope and even some great joy. It also tackles some dark topics and showing how the light of Christ can pierce through the darkness that can surround us. 


Susan Johnson’s memoir, Some Dreams Are Worth Keeping, is available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or your favorite bookstore.

Please also visit her website at http://www.sjohnsonauthor.com/

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