Living Alone

“I’m going to go cleanse my pores!”  I wish I could join her.

However it’s not gonna happen, seeing as how she’s a fictional character on a TV show about college students with, in addition to mineral face masks, a built in social life.  Something I’m sorely lacking.

But I asked for this. I ran away for a week to get caught up on work: Update my website. Write some new stuff. I discovered while I’m getting a lot done, I needed to give my brain a break now and then. As in comedy television.

I’m finding the Disney Channel more fun than it probably should be — mainly because I have the children older than its teen actors — but it hosts one of my favorite shows, Sonny With A Chance and my satellite system at home doesn’t provide the Disney Channel. Well, it probably would if I forked over more money but that would break my Botox Budget, ergo my apologies to The Mouse.

Another channel ran an all week movie marathon of “Beauty Shop”. Yesterday I watched for the, uh, I’ve lost count, umpteenth time, beginning and ending with various scenes depending on what time during I took a break. Queen Latifa cracks me up. (Yes, I do need to get out of my cul de sac more often). I want her to be on the Bus Stop Mommies sitcom.  I want her to be at my corner bus stop.

I walked to the grocery store—something I never do back in suburbia. When you have to schlep bags and haul them 2 blocks from the parking deck then onto the elevator…well let’s just say it keeps a girl on her diet and budget by making me think twice about impulse buying the 2 for 1 ice cream or $5 double issue magazine at checkout.

And Meals for One after two decades of shopping, planning and cooking for up to four people? Weird. I wandered up and down every aisle of the grocery store at least once. At home, I have my list and conquer accordingly. But with no plan, no requests, no “I’ll die if I have to eat that again!” it was difficult.

The coffee, calcium fortified orange juice and bagged salad were easy picks. I splurged on the extra cheesy blue cheese dressing no one at home would tolerate. I tossed in a can of tuna and a couple bananas out of guilt. Followed by 2 extra large bags of Gummy bears, York Peppermint Patties and a bag of Mini Butterfingers.

In honor of my Uncle Carl, the man who years ago introduced me to Miller High Life and recently celebrated his 92nd birthday, I skipped the wine and chose the classic gold and red12-pack. I’ll toast him to help me justify drinking a beer with lunch.

Then again, at this rate, it might just be my lunch.

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