Live God’s Will

During his time, Jesus, through his emphasis on substance over form, was considered a radical. He was despised by religious conservatives like the Sadducees whose main passion was to impose many rules and sanctions to keep control over the people.

In the First Reading, King Antiochus suffered misfortunes. God was angry with him not so much because of his collection of loots of gold, silver and idols in his temple, but because he murdered a lot of innocent human beings in his desire for power and conquest.

In the gospel, God admonishes us not to be distracted by mundane notions of whose wife a woman will be in the afterlife. Rather, for the Lord, it is more important that we are always aware of the really significant things: respect for His creation, love, charity, our conduct while in this world.

Let us pray that we are blessed with clarity of thought in our minds and firm conviction in our hearts to know and live God’s will each day of our lives.