Listening to Jesus

The first reading cites a time during the Babylonian exile when Israel didn’t listen to the voice of the Lord. They were disobedient and followed the inclinations of their wicked hearts. In our gospel today, we see Jesus expressing his feelings after doing so much for Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum. William Barclay, author of The Daily Study Bible, writes that the word “alas” used by Jesus in this passage, conveys not anger towards the people in these towns, but disappointment and sadness for their indifference and irresponsibility. He had given them the chance, the privilege of hearing the word of God, but what did they do? They disregarded what was offered to them – the most precious thing in the world – the message of God’s love. The townspeople ignored the message of God’s love. They committed the sin of indifference.

What makes it difficult for me to listen to Jesus? In what ways did I sense God’s love for me yesterday? What changes can I make in my daily life to witness to God’s love for me?