Listening: This Chance May Be Your Last!

Prv 3:27-34 / Lk 8:16-18

Today’s gospel ends with an enigmatic last line that lays itself open to confusion. “[T]o the one who has, more will be given; and he who has not, will lose even the little he thinks he has.” That sounds like the worst side of capitalism: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. But it’s not.

The whole thing comes clear if we pay attention to the beginning of the sentence which says, “Take heed how you hear….” Jesus is telling us that if we listen to Him with open minds and open hearts, the tiny bit of wisdom and understanding that we’ve already gained will grow and grow with His help. If, on the other hand, our hearts are closed to Him, even the little bit of wisdom that we think we’ve got will be shown for what it is: nothing.

So many thousands of people heard Jesus speak God’s Good News “in the flesh,” and yet so many of them just walked away for any number of “reasons.” We can always find a “reason” for stalling or putting off our listening to Him until tomorrow. When we’re tempted to do that, we would do well to ask how many more opportunities we’re certain of having. The correct answer is: None! So seize the opportunity while it’s at hand! You’ll never regret it!

  • Ken Donajkowski

    Thank you, Monsignor, for this reflection and insight into the gospel.

  • aformerklddisciple

    This could have also been key to avoiding a terrible wrong exhibited by Mr. Donajkowski in his former life. I pray he is “Listening”.