Listen to the Inside of His Message!

Mi 6:1-4, 6-8 / Mt 12:38-42

The Roman emperors heard and felt one constant pressure: “Give us bread and circuses!”  Political candidates hear the same chant, and too often they respond with panicky 30-second sound-bites, which mean nothing and add nothing to the large conversation that we’re supposed to be engaged in as a national family.

It was the same in Jesus’ day: Folks wanted a show, pyrotechnics, a distraction, and relief from the boredom of their lives. But, as He learned, to His sorrow, very few were interested in finding out how and why their lives were less than terrific; very few were interested in naming what wasn’t working and what could be made to work in their lives.

Isn’t that extraordinary: To have the most brilliant and kindly analyst in the world, and then to spurn Him. It does seem dopey, but it’s something we manage to do at least in part every day. We smile sweetly at our friend Jesus, and then we go our own way.

Isn’t it time to listen to the inside of His message, take it in, and give it a second chance?!