Lila Rose Takes on Planned Parenthood

If you’re at all active in pro-life circles, there’s a very good chance that you’re familiar with the name “Lila Rose.” In recent years, that name has popped up again and again, attached to some absolutely amazing stories.

Lila Rose exposed racism in Planned Parenthood clinics by getting clinic staffers to accept money earmarked for killing “a black baby.” Rose got several Planned Parenthood employees fired for being willing to cover up statutory rape. She also got Tennessee lawmakers to pull government funding for Planned Parenthood—all $1.1 million of it.

The most amazing part of it all is that Lila Rose is only 20.

A student at UCLA and a devout believer, Rose is the founder of Live Action, a youth organization that uses “new media and educational presentations to celebrate life and expose threats posed against the vulnerable and defenseless.”

Using hidden tape recorders and cameras, Rose and her group call and visit abortion clinics, posing as potential donors or clients, and get raw, unedited reactions from Planned Parenthood staffers. Those reactions have exposed the agenda and tactics of Planned Parenthood—to perform as many abortions and collect as much cash as possible, no matter what law they have to break to do it.

So far, Live Action has caught Planned Parenthood clinics in five states agreeing to help cover up statutory rape. They’ve also gotten staffers to admit that they’re willing to break parental consent laws.

And then there was the investigation into Planned Parenthood’s racism. When an actor portraying a racist donor said, “The less black kids out there the better,” an Idaho Planned Parenthood staffer was caught on tape laughing and saying, “Understandable.”

And staffers in six other states were also eager to accept donations from a racist for the express purpose of aborting black children.

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As you’d expect, Lila Rose has the pro-abortion forces fuming—but they’re having an extraordinarily difficult time building a case against her. Because everything she’s done is legal, and every embarrassing moment she’s caught on tape is real. She and her colleagues are simply letting Planned Parenthood speak for itself, and tell the world what it’s really about—and the results to America’s biggest abortion provider are devastating. And they’re getting scared.

As Rose told the Values Voter Summit, “When I walk into Planned Parenthoods across the country, I am flattered to see my picture on the wall.”

Cathy Ruse of Life Prizes calls Lila Rose “the perfect example of why veterans in the pro-life movement should have great hope in the future. She has brought a boldness, creativity, and passion to the pro-life cause that is causing the country to take notice.” I couldn’t agree more.

The work of Lila Rose and her group gives me great pride and confidence in the next generation, and great hope that one day—in their generation, if not in mine—the evil of abortion will be brought down once and for all.

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  • Claire

    What an amazing young woman! I really needed this tonight, because I’m currently dismayed by a childhood friend of mine who posted on her Facebook page a photo of her and her 4-month old baby at a Planned Parenthood rally against the “War on Choice”. The image of an innocent baby at such a rally really disgusts me.

  • celothriel

    What a dynamic, dedicated young woman Lila is! She spoke at our annual convention last year for Maine Right to Life, and she was so inspiring.

    Oh, Claire, that is so heartbreaking about your childhood friend and her baby. It shows how deep the denial is, that a mother holding her own child and fighting for “choice” doesn’t even realize that what she is saying to the world is, “I could have killed this child if I wanted to, and that’s how it should be.” I always wonder how parents explain to their children that they feel they had the right to kill them before birth. Let’s pray that their hearts are softened and that they come to know the truth –

    God bless.