Light and Truth

The world was made for Jesus and our mission is to draw people to him. The best way to communicate Jesus to others is by the way we live our lives. Through us, others can savor the Word of God as pleasant and palatable. Our Christian doctrine is connected with a devout and upright life. When salt becomes tasteless because of impurities, it loses its value and is useless for its intended purpose. Thus, when a disciple of Christ leads a corrupt and immoral life, he becomes detestable, losing his “saltiness” and proving himself worthless for the work of the Kingdom. A true disciple should be as obvious as a city on a hill, lighting the neighborhood.

Light enables us to see where we are going so we do not stumble and fall. Jesus says that he is the light, the truth and the life. So, “light” means “truth.” Therefore, what Jesus is saying is that the “light” should shine through us so that, through us, others may find their way. We should be witnesses of God’s goodness, His beauty, His love. And we can only be that by the way we live. Through our good works, we give glory to the Father in heaven and motivate others to do the same.