Lessons from the Blind

The Jews rejected Jesus because he said he was the Son of God. For
them he was blaspheming.  Jesus told the Jews to at least look at his good
works because they are proof of the authority of his Father, but they
have been blinded by hatred and wanted to arrest him. So Jesus was
forced to run away from them.

We have heard of people who boldly spoke of their faith but were
rejected. Many of them were martyred like St. Stephen, St. Lorenzo
Ruiz, and the Martyrs of China. Others, like the Jesuit missionaries
in China, were forced to go to another place to continue their

Have you yourself experienced being rejected by friends because you
chose good over evil? You chose to tell the truth instead of just
keeping quiet? How did you feel about it?

  • Elizabeth

    From nearly the moment I began to live out my calling, I have been rejected.  First it was subtle–a quietness, wherein those I had called “friends” just quit calling, or pretended they didn’t see me.  I was so naive at first…thinking that my friends, family, and church would be so happy and amazed at what God had called me to do, but now it has become a blatant refusal to talk to me or accept anything I have to offer.
    No many how many accomplishments–books, music, speaking, I have accomplished in Jesus’ Name,  I can count those who celebrate with me on one hand–especially those of my hometown, my family, and church. In order for me to be able to share what God has given me, I have to go out of town.  One would think that I was the pariah of the community or something before the calling to use God’s gifts….NOPE…I’ve always been a “Steady-Betty” :0) 
     I just believe that when people believe that someone is “ordinary”, (which I am) they refuse to see, and are threatened by, those things which God blesses and makes extraordinary. I cannot tell you how many times I have cried in pain because of my rejection and harsh treatment—there have been moments when I literally could not lift my head the pain was so great–but each time I would turn to the Word of God, and somehow my tear-filled eyes fell on the same scripture….”if the world hates you, know that they hated me first…..no slave is greater than his Master.”   
    Just yesterday I was reflecting on the fact that my own parish left me off the schedule for Christmas, Holy week services, and Easter Sunday Masses for the 2nd year in a row.  I am a professional singer/songwriter and author. I get PAID to sing at weddings, funerals, retreats, and conferences, and I am devout…I love our Lord with all my heart and do everything I can to do the best job each and every time I cantor…yet there will be those cantoring the Masses this week and on Easter who don’t show up to practice or who are inexperienced, and sadly, some can’t even stay on pitch.  But this is not about them, it is about the obvious persecution of me because I live my faith and refuse to hide what God has done for me. Yesterday when I was reflecting, I was also reading the bible, and sure enough, I read about one of the many times our Lord had done miracles and wondrous things, and yet they plotted to kill him.  I try hard to remember to feel blessed that my work in Christ is so threatening to the devil that he uses others to torment me. My reason for writing this is to encourage others out there….you are not alone. Keep walking through the pain. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Pleasing Him is the only thing that matters.  And from the words of a song I just wrote: “when the pain is too much for you to bear, remember, He’s been there.”   I pray for God’s love and mercy to comfort each and every servant of Christ who is hurting today. 
    May the joy of Easter fill the hearts of every creature and create an outpouring of   repentance, forgiveness, and healing for all.

  • Ronald Summers

    You are truly a saint and I will surly pray for you and also ask for your prayers that I may become like Jesus and you. God Bless you and your works.

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you Ronald for your kindness, Ronald. Your words made me cry.  I pray to be counted among the saints someday…may my heart always follow after our Lord and His will for His people that I may be found worthy.  God bless you!

  • ray

    Dear Elizabeth,

    If you are looking for a great escape, I would suggest you consider coming down to the New Orleans Jazz Fest and attend the many great performances in the Gospel tent.  Please check it out at their website and let me know if you need some local guidance.

  • Matt Ulrich

    when you are involved in prolife work everyday and going to the place of death to pray
    and witness God’s great love and mercy and you rarely get support from your friends
    and priests and bishops–yes we are often rejected.
    the Helper’s of God’s Precious Infants–Seattle