Lent? I Give Up.

"I know it wasn’t wine…so what’d you give up?"

"Still haven’t figured it out. SHOULD be Facebook!" I answered. In the little chat box. Live, with my friend Tara. On Facebook. When I should be doing a million other things, like, oh, working…or battling killer dust bunnies under the bar stools.

"OMG! 40 days without face book? How about ironing?"

"Ha! Actually, I should ADD more ironing. THAT would be a sacrifice."

"Can you add stuff?"


"I thought it’s only take away during Lent. I learned zero in catechism."

"It may be a newer trend…the whole idea of sacrificial giving– in a way, it’s still giving up something. Like my free time or selfishness. Giving of myself for someone else."

"How about reading to kids at the library?"

"I love that idea! But, I’m afraid I’d get in the way of the established ladies who’ve cornered the market at our local library. Not worth the risk of insulting anyone."

"Could you muck out the barn stalls?"

"There’s an idea! Though, while her room at home is a health hazard, Mel does enjoy mucking her horse’s stall.  She keeps it so nice, there are days she should sleep there instead of her room."

"So get up at 4:30a.m. and go to the barn."

"Now THAT’s a sacrifice! Although…I COULD start getting up with Scott and Mel in the mornings…hmmmm…you know, actually get out of bed, put in my contacts, speak a coherent sentence to each of them and nab the coffee while it’s fresh.

"No… sleep is important."

"I could go to bed earlier. That would be a huge sacrifice. And it would mean less computer time at night. Which would mean more family time."

"More family time?"

"You know, actually close the laptop and have a conversation? Maybe make meals which contain more than two colors and are planned more than 7 minutes in advance."

"Oh. I thought that was a requirement."

"Things get lax over time!"

"Oh…maybe I CAN get married one day!"

"Not every guy wants meat and potatoes!"

"Well that’s good; because I can’t even scramble an egg. Hey, do you still give up meat during Lent?"

"Yup, Ash Wednesday, then every Friday. The funny part is, I’m not a big meat eater so it’s usually no big deal. But, never fail, we’ll have a social function or business dinner at a top steak joint every other Friday of Lent and suddenly all I want is red meat!  Honestly, steak holds no appeal to me the other 324 days a year."

"So, it seems Someone really wants you to slow down at the end of each week and remember what’s important in life and how He fits into it all?"

"Yeah, I guess so.  And Tara? You’re on the list."

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