Legal Expert Predicts Same-Sex Couples Will Crowd Divorce Courts

The president of Liberty Counsel says he is not surprised that a homosexual couple that was issued a marriage license a few months ago in San Francisco, California, is already seeking a divorce.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, the couple own property together and are not yet sure how they are going to divide their assets. The lawyer for the two men says they are waiting on the outcome of the California Supreme Court's decision. If the high court does not void the marriage licenses issued by Mayor Gavin Newsom, the couple will file for a legal divorce.

Liberty Council President Mat Staver expects such court controversies will be increasingly common and predicts that a large number of so-called homosexual marriages will end up in divorce court. “Same-sex relationships are notoriously short-term and open-ended,” he says.

“In fact,” Staver notes, “Michaelangelo Signorelli, a homosexual activist and writer, said that same-sex relationships have what typically are referred to as non-monogamous agreements within the homosexual community. A non-monogamous agreement is where they say that they will have an open relationship: They'll live in the same home, but they'll have sexual encounters outside of that relationship frequently and often, particularly with male homosexuals.”

The head of Liberty Council says accepting same-sex marriage would effectively mean the abolition of gender, and acceptance of policy that says gender is irrelevant to the raising of children.

Staver believes the San Francisco couple's case highlights the true agenda of same-sex marriage proponents. “They want it simply to have an elevated social status,” he says, “to actually give credence to their sexual lifestyles. And in doing so they would abolish the institution of marriage, they would hurt children in the process, and ultimately they would weaken our society and the family.”

Nearly 4,000 same-sex couples received so-called marriage licenses during a 29-day period in San Francisco before the courts halted the practice of issuing them.

(This article courtesy of Agape Press).

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