Latin Mass

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[Editor’s Note: This viewer letter reflects CE’s views on the term “Latin Mass.” The note was forwarded to CWN as well.]

Dear Catholic Exchange:

In two recent stories that originated from CWN the pre-Vatican II liturgy has been referred to generically as “The Latin Mass.” I would like to ask you to consider, as an editorial policy, using more specific language in such stories. The Mass we Latin Rite Catholics hear in our parishes, commonly referred to as the Novus Ordo, was written in Latin. To my knowledge it can be celebrated licitly in part or in its entirety at any time by any Latin Rite priest without any special permission whatsoever. It is only the pre-Vatican II, Tridentine Rite, which requires an indult to celebrate. Both of these liturgies are valid, LATIN, Masses. Personally, I have no overall preference for either liturgy but to imply that the Novus Ordo is NOT a Latin Mass, is really doing a disservice to those faithful Latin Rite Catholics who have remained obedient to the Church and the Holy Father — especially those who are not particularly fond of the newer liturgy. Thank you for your time.

John T. Cotton

Buffalo, New York

P.S. I would have shared this same sentiment with CWN, but they have left no visible means of contacting them on their website. Please feel free to pass this letter along.

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