Largest Abortion Center in the US Refused Permission to Open

A victory celebration will be underway as citizens in Aurora celebrate the fact that they have at least delayed the opening of the largest abortion center in the United States. A federal judge stopped Planned Parenthood of Aurora from opening as scheduled.

The massive Planned Parenthood facility applied for a building permit under false pretences and outraged the community. Led by the Pro-Life Action League, thousands have protested outside the yet-to-be opened facility for the last month attracting the attention of the international media.

"Today's court action demonstrates that truth still matters in America. This is exactly what we've been praying for these past 40 days, that Planned Parenthood would not open on September 18," said Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League, "We trust that the judge will allow Aurora to fully investigate how Planned Parenthood tried to come into town without disclosing who they were and their plans to perform abortions. Planned Parenthood had 13 appointments scheduled for Tuesday's opening. If God's answer spared 13 innocent lives, then we give the Lord the praise for the delay and the ultimate permanent closing of this abortion mill."

Planned Parenthood officials asked US District Judge Charles Norgle to issue a court order allowing the clinic to open Tuesday as scheduled. But Aurora officials opposed that effort because of an ongoing investigation to determine whether the project's developer, Gemini Office Development LLC, lied on behalf of Planned Parenthood and deceived government officials by not disclosing the purpose of the clinic during the permitting process that it would be a Planned Parenthood facility that would offer abortions.

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    Double Hallelujah!

    and thanks to CE for bringing this to our attention and prayers!

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    So Gemini and PPA were twins joined at the hips on this project. Nice work Pro-Lifers.