Large Majority of French Women Agree that Abortion Has Detrimental Psychological Effects

A large majority of French women say that there are too many abortions in their country, and that abortions “leaves psychological traces that are difficult for women to experience” according to a recent national poll.

The study, which was done at the behest of the French Right to Life Alliance (l’Alliance pour les droits de la vie – ADV), found that 83% of women believe that abortion does lasting psychological damage, and 61% believe that there are too many abortions in France.

Sixty-seven percent said that women should be educated about the possibility of putting their children up for adoption as an alternative to abortion.

At the same time a large majority, 85%, also said that they supported the “right” to have an abortion, although the question submitted to them did not specify in which cases it would apply.

Moreover, the study also showed that increasing numbers of French women believe that the skyrocketing abortion rate among French youth is due to premature sexual intercourse, the rise of pornography, and lack of parental guidance.

The abortion rate among French minors increased 30% between 2001 and 2007, and more than 200,000 unborn children are killed in their mothers’ wombs by surgical abortion every year in France, according to statistics reported by the newspaper La Croix.

However, increasing numbers also agreed with the notion that the problem is related to the rejection of contraceptives, which are offered free to French youth.

The poll received answers from a representative sample of 1006 women, taken between February 19 and 23 of this year.

The French media have widely reported the large percentage of respondents in favor of the “right” to abortion, but have mentioned little of the rest of the poll to their readers.

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