Kansas Governor Vetoes Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood

Kansas Gov. Mark Parkinson has vetoed the so-called Huelskamp Amendment, a proviso attached to the state budget that would have denied tax money to Planned Parenthood.

The amendment had been in the works since at least last December, when Senator Tim Huelskamp announced the effort to defund Planned Parenthood in the state. The amendment passed easily in both houses earlier this month.

Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, denounced the move by Parkinson. "By putting his political agenda above the welfare of the people, he has shown that he is not fit for public office," he said.

"Parkinson now officially joins the ranks of corrupt abortion collaborators that continue to protect this predatory abortion business at the risk of women and girls."

Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri receives tax funding from both Kansas and Missouri, gathering nearly $250,000 in Kansas funds last year.  Huelskamp’s proviso would have redirected the Kansas money to alternate health care providers.

The state Planned Parenthood has come under heavy scrutiny over the last several years over allegations of systemic illegal activity. Currently 107 criminal chargesare pending against Planned Parenthood, including making a false information, unlawful failure to maintain record, unlawful failure to determine viability for late term abortion, and unlawful late term abortion.  There are multiple counts of each of these charges.

In addition, state Sen. Tim Huelskamp and Rep. Lance Kinzer on May 1 released the recording of a phone call made by an Operation Rescue volunteer posing as a 14-year old girl. In the phone call the Planned Parenthood representative appeared to ignore information that the girl was in a sexual relationship with a 23-year-old, and gave her information about contraceptives, pregnancy testing and abortion.

"Parkinson has decided to ignore and the overwhelming majority of the legislature and the will of the people it represents to continue to fund a Planned Parenthood abortion organization that evidence shows is more than likely engaged in criminal conduct," concluded Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

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