Judge Lifts Stay of Discovery in ND 88 Case

Judge Scopelitis, the judge in the trial of the ND 88, has lifted the stay of discovery in the case. The ND 88 are the pro-life activists arrested for walking on the property of the University of Notre Dame in protest of the school’s honoring of President Barack Obama in May of 2009.

This leaves lead attorney Tom Dixon free to pursue depositions and find out more about the events that lead to the arrest of the ND88. Read the Notice of Deposition to see what Tom is seeking to find out, including:

  • Who gave authority to the Notre Dame Police Department to arrest the ND88
  • Who decided that the listed Defendants were not allowed on campus during the month of May, 2009, and when those decisions were made
  • Notre Dame’s policies and practices regarding demonstrations on campus
  • All communications between Notre Dame and any outside policing entities regarding the treatment and arrest of these Defendants and which communications occurred prior to the arrests

And much more . . .

Case Documents

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