“Jesus the Radical”

Jesus most probably knew the inevitable consequence of the new ideas he was preaching, the radical structure change he was advocating. He had a feeling that those who were in charge felt threatened because they were calling him a troublemaker. In a society governed by strict Jewish laws and traditional practices, the kingdom of love, of sublime tolerance, was something these puritans could not comprehend.

Being the forward thinker that he was, Jesus related to his disciples that forces were amassing against him. He wanted his followers to be prepared for the inevitable. Even if the final outcome of his earthly life would brutally be cut short, it was the glory to follow where they can place their hope. His mission was to continue through them and this included planning for whatever the future would bring their way.

That’s how it is to be a good leader. In spite of the impending
challenges, even if you fear for the safety of your team, you have to
trust in God that they will be okay. All you can do is equip them with
your wisdom and your training. Hopefully, that will guide them to
handle any situation. Your orders are followed out of love, not fear.
Your group knows they can count on you even if you cannot be
physically present. You’ve helped them to lead themselves.

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