Jesus’ Tent

Jesus pitches His tent among us – becoming fully human. However, as true as it may be, humans are too stubborn to believe until they see Him. This brings to the fore our role in spreading the good news to the world. Just as Jesus has sent the Holy Spirit to help us, He needs us to be His witnesses to testify to His Truth and His Teachings.

John came to be a witness to introduce the Light so that all might believe through him. Like John, each one of us is called constantly by our Lord Jesus to testify for Him to the rest of the world that they might believe Christ through us. It is amazing how companies who rely on door to door marketing grow much faster than a regular brand at a mall. Somehow, personal testimony of a friend whom we trust provides us the necessary security to risking our money and buying their product. Such is the marketing we need to do for Christ — our personal testimony where our lives at test to God’s Truth and Teachings.

For all the abundant blessings God has provided us, witnessing to His Presence is not asking too much from us. Let this be our New Year’s Motto!