Is Blogging a Waste of Time?

Dwayne Melancon of Genuine Curiosity has a wonderful post about the value of blogging. I started blogging as a way of extending my "idea reach" and have found it to be intuitively "me" on many levels. What makes for a great blog? For me, regular content and thoughtful posts are appreciated. I like keeping up with bloggers who have become friends.

Blogging allows me to:

  • Publish thoughts on the fly
  • Connect with great people (like you!)
  • Advertise events and services
  • Compile material that can be used for future publications

Here are my regularly visited blogs:

D Scott Miller
Brother Blue
Genuine Curiosity
Daily PlanIt
Tim Sanders
CE On Time

To find out what makes their blogs click, stop by their sites and drop them a line.  Figure out what makes them click and get in their heads.  I've found that more than a few productivity blogs are (not surprisingly) written by people of faith. 

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    I've tried blogging before but usually get sidetracked with real life interruptions. Then again, if your a mom like I am of several children, interruptions into your own writing time are the norm and it is amazing if I get anything done. I can see the appeal of blogging, of course. It's sorta like writing a diary (with restraint, of course…I mean, after all, one shouldn't be revealing extremely personal information on the internet nor should they be talking badly about their relative or neighbor and I'm sure there are people who do those sorts of things on blogs…). The exciting thing about blogging is that one is writing their "diary" for all to see and thus readers can comment on it. Which can be fun, frustrating or a learning experience.

    Now I did check out three of the blog links above. I admit, I found them boring (won't tell which two but they did not appear to be religious sites). I actually had to go back twice just to make sure I didn't miss something. (In other words, I couldn't keep myself there long enough to really soak it up but I did go back and forced myself to look longer.) Sorry…I'm normally not so shallow about web-surfing…

    Reading your note on blogging however has peaked my interest again and if I can find the actual time to sit at the computer long enough, maybe I will take it up again. I just hope it can be a means of ACTION. I have been all about action these days as a Catholic (despite it feeling like an uphill battle constantly not only on the local front but also on the national front). I try to help the pro-life cause, I try to write to reps and senators regarding the pro-gay issues that are invading our public schools and states (so that they oppose homosexual indoctrination upon children or push for same-sex marriage laws).

    I just feel that too many Christians (including myself) have been ignorant and/or lazy about becoming active in their political life and now we are suffering the result of that. While I love the idea of blogging, I wonder, can it truly be a means of action? Something that can take it's own form and actually help spread the Faith. Are there too many blogs to read nowadays that non-religious people will just click and turn away when they see something about Catholicism to read.

    Of course, I can answer my own question and say the Holy Spirit can work through every hardened heart and evangelization can be used in blogging. We can touch souls just by talking about our own spiritual experiences and journey.  We can also touch upon political issues that need addressing.

    Hmm, this has all made my interest in blogging return (despite seeing two boring blogging sites by invitation….yes, I'm being humorous by throwing that in there again).

    Keep up the Faith and may our Lord bless your three children. My husband and I also have a large family.

    Peace of Christ.