Into Your Hands

What do you think most of us are striving for in this life? To find our way? to reach a certain goal? To become something special? To obtain something? Ho do we go about reaching these goals? Everyone has something different they want out of life, but all of us have one goal, whether we admit or realize it, and that’s self-preservation, or the desire to live forever.

Some people say, well, I’m not worried about eternity, but that’s probably because we haven’t gave it much thought. If a car comes around the corner, and is headed straight for you, your not going to stand there to see what happens, your going to jump out of the way to safety. What’s funny, or not so funny, is that even though we know one day here on earth, our life will end, most of us don’t give it a second thought. We go through life as though we really are going to live forever.

On February 21, 1981, I believe it was a Saturday morning, I had just bought another motorcycle the day before, and it was just like any other day, it was all about me. I wasn’t thinking that, but that’s how it was. I decided to take it for a short spin. I remember looking in the kitchen window and seeing my dad and mom having breakfast, and yelling, I’ll be back in a little bit, and them waiving buy to me. So off I went on my little test drive. I was in heaven so to speak, but little did I know what was in store for me. I was going up and down the country roads just enjoying the power of my new dirt bike under me, the cool breeze in my face, and not a care in the world. You know it’s funny how life has twist and turns in the road that we have to take, not knowing what’s around the corner. Well, I was about to take one. I decided on my little test drive that I wanted to go across the canal, and up the side of one of the foothills near our house. So I turned up a dirt road going up toward the small bridge going across the canal, without a care in the world, and suddenly, before I could react in any way, there in front of me, was a steel cable tied across the dirt drive just on the other side of the canal bridge. Before I could even blink, I hit the cable. It hit the motorcycle first, then slid up the handle bars and caught me right dead center on my neck. It slung me like a sling shot would have slung a rock. The next thing I remember, I was somehow standing up, and able to see my own neck, that’s how much it had swelled up in just a few seconds. Before those last few seconds, I don’t believe death crossed my mind once in my whole life, I guess subconsciously, I thought I was invincible. But at that moment, that’s all I had on my mind. There I was, all by my self no one around, I was in the foothills, on the backside of the canal, on a dirt road that almost no one ever travels. I remember somehow standing up, and not actually breathing through my mouth, but through a whole in my neck. I had severed my wind pipe completely in half, and crushed my voice box. I remember not being able to turn my neck. I lifted my arms, and they were covered with blood. I immediately put them down, telling myself, if you keep looking at them your not going to make it.

What do you think I needed the most at that moment? Was it my mom, dad, sister, anything material maybe? No! I skipped everybody and everything, and went straight to Jesus. I told myself, you need to make it to the road where someone might see you. So I started walking, how I don’t know. I probably looked like a zombi. I kept repeating in my mind one sentence over and over. PLEASE DON’T LET ME DIE JESUS! Over and over I said this, I wasn’t ready to leave this world, and by His grace He answered my prayer. I made it to the road, and started walking in the middle of the road, on the yellow lines, and by His grace there were two men working, pruning trees on the edge of the road, they saw me and took me to the hospital, and three days later I woke up in intensive care, and started my recovery.

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  • chaco

    Been there, done that. I can intimately relate , right down to the being on a motorcycle when “It all came down”. I can only rely on details told by others because 3 days of my life are blocked out. I remember up until 3 minutes before the crash but the next thing I recall was laying in bed with 3 men in white coats looking down at me. Up until then, the meaning of life was; 1) God is the king of Joy  +  2) His is the gift of sharing  =  I will share in God’s joyful creation    Afterwards, I had this scenario strongly impressed on my consiousness; A feminine persona was defending me by emphatically saying/screaming; “He didn’t want to follow you – He thought you would be good for him ! ” [ Similarly, I am greatly moved each time I recall the story of a preist who was a “People pleaser” rather than telling his “Flock” what they NEEDED to know about God. After an accident while in a coma, he saw himself in front of a judge saying; “You have misled your flock and now must receive your just punishment.” Realizing full well that he desrerved it, he then heard a feminine voice from the side saying; “But Son, if we give him more time & more graces, he could produce “Good Fruit’. In reply the Judge said; “You know he deserves to be punished – but because you have requested mercy for him, I will grant it”.]  I now realize that just because something seems to bring Joy / pleasure / fun, it doesn’t  necessarily mean God wishes us to share in it. There is a LIER IN THE MIX trying to trick us with false promises.