Interview: Cardinal Nicolas Lopez Gives Prescription for Defeating International Abortion Lobby

Cardinal Nicolas Lopez, Archbishop of Santo Domingo, described the approach he has used to win the battle against the international abortion industry, which has sought to legalize the practice in the Dominican Republic, in an interview with LifeSiteNews last week.

Asked how the leadership of the Catholic Church can defeat the culture of death, Lopez answered that “first, the bishops, priests, all of the leaders of the Church, we have to be clear that life is a value that is not negotiable, that is defended, and proclaimed, before the whole world,”

“There are many people in the world who are in charge of killing, because they believe more in death than in life,” he said.

“Regarding that, I believe that it is necessary to denounce, and denounce categorically, both the international organizations that are promoting these massive [pro-abortion] campaigns, as well as the government also, which feels weak in front of these international institutions, and also pressure groups that are in the country.”   

When international abortionist organizations and politicians began a campaign in the Dominican Republic to legalize abortion in 2007, Lopez carried out this strategy to the hilt, denouncing the international abortion lobby and scheduling massive protests throughout the island. 

At the Cardinal’s urging, thousands of demonstrators inundated the streets outside of the nation’s Congress, stopping traffic and holding banners opposing the legalization of abortion.  The Cardinal also went on national television to denounce the plan to legalize abortion. Drivers were told to turn on their car lights during the day to protest. And the legislation failed.

“I believe that we have to maintain a position that is clear, firm, decisive, brave, and all the rest, and not give in,” Lopez told LifeSiteNews last week.  He added that he believes it is better not to “argue with what is false, but rather to proclaim the truth.”

Regarding the Dominican Republic government’s massive programs to distribute contraceptives throughout the island, Lopez told LifeSiteNews that “I am permanently denouncing these campaigns and I repeatedly denounce those who finance and promote them.”

Lopez holds the title of “Primate of the Americas,” because the diocese of Santo Domingo was the first erected in the New World.

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  • elkabrikir

    Thank you Holy Bishop for your heroic witness to Christ.

    I will fight with you through prayer and sacrifice until the temporal victory is won.

  • Please God, that our own Bishops all follow Cdl Lopez’ courageous example.

  • fatherjo

    One of the possible good effects of President Obama’s rescinding of the Mexico City Policy, which had forbidden U.S. tax dollars from funding or promoting abortion in other countries, is that it may mobilize and unite the international Pro-Life movement. Many economically poorer countries are rich in common sense and a sense of the sacredness of human life. This will only help the American Pro-Life movement, which has built up a pretty impressive infrastructure already. American technology and logistics coupled with the decency and commitment of less materially privileged societies could provide the one-two punch needed to knock out the culture of death once and for all.

  • Lucky Mom of 7

    Fr. Jo,

    Your words are so encouraging! Thank you.

    I live near the border with Mexico. Our Lady of Guadalupe’s influence is strong here. Her influence will be key in freeing us from abortion and Planned Parenthood.