Interruptions at Home: When Johnny Won’t Take No For an Answer

It's easy to close the door to your colleagues at work when you're trying to hunker down and work on a project but what about at home? It's not always practical (nor responsible) to leave your kids alone while you go off into another room to work, pay the bills or talk on the phone. Many parents practice skillfully the art of multitasking when it comes to this: working out while baby is in the bouncy seat, doing the dishes while Johnny is drawing, etc.

What can you do to help your children respect your time/space when you need to get something done? has some suggestions but I really like those put forth by Keep Kids Healthy. Some great suggestions include:

    • prepare kids for your time of focused work, telling them in advance
    • distract them (sometimes a wholesome movie is okay and the right thing to do)
    • emphasize that learning not to interrupt is part of learning good manners

Whether you have children or not, helping those around you to respect your desire to get things done is always a good idea!


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