Intern Not Only Woman Missing

You’d have to be a hermit not to know that Levy, a 24-year old Federal Bureau of Prisons intern and intimate of Congressman Gary Condit (D-Modesto), has been missing without a trace since April 30. Last weekend’s revelations that Condit was having an affair with the troubled Miss Levy should have sent women’s libbers into a first-rate hissy fit. But the response so far: silence.

Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

There’s a textbook case of sexual harassment lurking here. A powerful male boss takes carnal liberties with a starry-eyed female subordinate, leveraging his considerable advantage to – as they say – have his way with her. Ultimately, this chauvinist pig leaves two female victims in his lustful wake, the intern and his faithful wife. Why, this man ought to be savaged.

Recall Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas’s 1991 confirmation hearings: the unforgettable scene of California’s puny Senator Barbara Boxer, Colorado Representative Patsy “Tiny Tears” Schroeder and other women legislators striding manfully over to the Senate Judiciary hearings to form Thomas’ necktie party. As the media screeching reached supersonic decibel levels, sexual harassment was proclaimed a clear and present danger to the Republic while Thomas, a Republican, was savaged as public enemy number one. His crime: he allegedly talked dirty in front of the pure, innocent Miss Hill 10 years earlier. What a monster!

But barely two years ago, feminists gave President Bill Clinton (aka “the Big Creep”) a free pass when he turned the White House Oval Office into Slick Willie’s love nest – the world’s most powerful man taking advantage of young intern Monica Lewinsky in the classic sexual harassment case. Yet despite Clinton’s disgrace and impeachment, hardly a peep of protest was heard from the National Organization of Women or any other feminist group.

L’Affaire Levy bears striking resemblance to L’Affaire Lewinsky. (Does this make Condit “the Little Creep”?) Once again, a female subordinate is hustled by a powerful, married male boss. And once again, a politician – a Democratic Party politician – is given a rider from the feminists.

Is it just me or do I detect a pattern here?

Being Democrats, Clinton and Condit are known to feminists as “good on women’s issues,” which basically boils down to being reliably pro-abortion. Next to that, it matters little that both act with perfect contempt toward the women in their lives – not caring a hoot about either wife or mistress – and each has proven to be both a liar and lecher. Clinton and Condit know the women to keep happy are not family or friends, but the radical political activists whose loyalty is more cheaply bought.

I guess being “good on women’s issues,” means never having to say you’re sorry about being a cad. Or worrying about paying a political price from feminists for your mistreatment of women, either.

Our prayers and sympathy go out to the Levy family during what must be a terrible and confusing time. One thing this incident makes clear, however: feminists have proven again they’re really nothing more than the Ladies’ Auxiliary wing of the Democratic Party.

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