In Words and Deeds

First Reading: 1 Jn 3:11-21
Psalm: Ps 100:1b-2, 3, 4, 5
Gospel: Jn 1:43-51

During Jesus’ time, Nazareth was a small backwater village, of ten not
even labeled on maps. Perhaps that’s why Nathanael had the impression
Jesus could not be anyone of importance because he came from Nazareth.
It was only when Jesus spoke to Nathanael that he began to listen to

Perhaps we discriminate or judge people because of their appearance,
education background or where they are from. Many battles have been
fought just because one group didn’t like the skin color of the other.
Perhaps we even look down on those who are not as articulate in their
speech or who cannot afford to look as clean as we are.

In today’s first reading, John tells us to love one another not only
in words but also in deeds. We should love each other as we do our
brothers and sisters — loving and caring with no preconceived notions
or first impressions as obstacles. This love should be built to the
extent that we are willing to die for one another. When we have reach
this level of unselfish love, we have become true Christians,
attaining Jesus’ mission of salvation.