I Thirst

by C-Anne

Abandoned in the desert, left to die

The hot air – so hot it suffocates

But I dare not breathe too deep

Lest the dust strangle my burning throat

My flesh is blistered

The wind whips the sand across my back like stinging lashes

My parched, cracked lips can barely move to speak

The blinding glare has taken away my sight

I have left only my heart with which to see

To guide my scarred hands and feet

My heart sees pain, sees loneliness

It sees emptiness, despair and neglect

It has been scorned, rejected and forgotten

But still it loves, still it beats, still it bleeds, waiting . . .

I am so thirsty – can you hear me?

Is there anyone to give me to drink

Something sweet to satisfy this burning desire

And take away this bitterness?

I beg you, do no betray me with the cup of bitterness

I long to drink – to drink in compassion and mercy

To drink in your freely chosen love for me

That moves you to remember me here

Allows you to see me in this desert

And stirs the passion within you to reach out to me

I have grown weak

I stumble to the ground in this barren wasteland

Can you see me?

Will you help me?

I need you to help lift me up

I need but one drop of strength – one drop of love

Will you quench my undying thirst?

And what shall you give me to drink?

Offer me yourself

For you are what I desire

I cannot live without love

Will you love me?

I will not live without love

My passion is for you

My heart aches for you so

I feel I must die and let it be broken open

All my love pouring forth

Flooding this desert

I thirst

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