An excerpt from Genevieve Kineke’s “The Authentic Catholic Woman”

Both mothers and teachers excel when they respect the innate dignity of the persons entrusted to them. There are so many ways that our egos can become engaged, so that the path of the young ends up being a reflection of the woman who guides rather than the glory of God. This is a natural temptation – both when things go well and when things go awry. It is so easy to look at a child or a student and attribute his successes to a particular teaching technique or the ability to communicate. Conversely, a woman might despair when her charges chooses badly or fail to thrive.

Humility begs us to cling to Christ and remember that these souls are His. After making an honest assessment, and perhaps seeking trusted opinions about whether she has failed or could use another method to make her point, the woman must pray and sacrifice for the grace to bring things to right.

  • Tarr4life

    I wish I had these words years ago!! I just received this book in the mail and can’t wait to begin reading it! Thank you for posting this!!!!