How Will You Serve Him?

Mary of Bethany’s action is an admirable service of love to Jesus. She
anoints the feet of Jesus with precious perfume as a dramatic gesture
of gratitude for the kindness he has shown her before. She gives
everything sparing nothing to honor and pay homage to Jesus whom she
has come to love with all her heart. She believes and hopes in him.
But Judas sees Mary’s anointing of the feet of Jesus with costly oil,
a waste of money, an uncalled-for extravagance. He looks at this
loving act in a materialistic way. This is why he becomes an easy
target of the devil. Satan uses this weakness to tempt him to betray
Jesus. If he were not worldly, he would not have given in to the

If Jesus were to visit us in our own homes, what kind of preparation
shall we make? What shall we offer him? How shall we receive him?
Shall we receive him the way Mary did, offering him everything we
have, sparing nothing? Or shall we treat him the way Judas did,
unwilling to offer him anything?

In reality, we may not even be aware that Jesus lives in us, within
us… in the depths of our heart. What kind of dwelling place are we
providing him? Is this dwelling place good enough for our Lord who
comes to us even at times we do not want to let him in and yet, he
does not give up on us? Is this the way we treat our God and Savior?
Does he deserve such treatment?