How Will the Church Respond to the Mandate?

The recent Supreme Court decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act (commonly termed Obamacare) quashed the hopes of faithful Catholics that the Obama administration’s contraception mandate would be immediately repealed by the Supreme Court. The Catholic Church and the Obama administration are on a collision course.
On August 1, 2012, most health plans will be required by the federal government to cover contraception, “emergency contraceptives,” and sterilization procedures. The mandate will be extended to non-profit religious employers on August 1, 2013. Narrow religious exemptions have been granted for religious institutions that meet a four-part test, but as Cardinal Wuerl has pointed out, not even Mother Teresa would qualify for the religious exemptions granted by the government.

In other words, the Obama administration is forcing most organizations affiliated with the Catholic Church to pay for coverage of contraceptives, “emergency contraception,” and sterilization. After facing withering criticism from many sources, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) tweaked the mandate so that insurance companies servicing Catholic organizations would be forced to provide contraception. But Catholic institutions would be paying insurance companies to provide birth control to employees, so the religious objections of Catholics remain unresolved. (Many Catholic companies and dioceses self-insure, so for those companies, nothing has changed.)

If the Church did provide contraception coverage to its employees, it would signify that the Church’s moral teaching on contraception could be changed. The Church would instantly lose all credibility if She reversed herself on contraception; if She could reverse Herself on one critical teaching at the whim of the state, any of Her teachings would be mutable.

Accordingly, the Catholic Church is treating the HHS mandate as an assault on religious freedom. Every single one of the Catholic bishops in America has sworn that the Church will not and cannot comply with the Obama administration’s mandate.

If circumstances remain unchanged before the implementation of the mandate, the Catholic Church can choose to respond it in several different ways. Here is a brief overview of the ways the Church can choose to respond to the mandate, complete with historical precedents for these choices.

1. The “Nuclear Option” – Shutdown

If the Obama administration continues to force church-affiliated institutions to provide contraception to employees, the Catholic Church could be forced to shut many facilities down. Rather than comply with the mandate, church authorities could shut down schools, hospitals, and charities.

In recent years, this has already taken place on a small scale. Rather than be forced to cater to homosexual couples, many affiliates of Illinois Catholic Charities shut their doors. Under similar pressure from the state to recognize homosexual couples, affiliates of Catholic Charities in Boston and Washington D.C. closed their adoption programs.

However, if Catholic schools and charities closed in large enough numbers, societal chaos would erupt. Tens of thousands of people are employed by Catholic-affiliated institutions, and millions of Catholics and non-Catholics alike are served by these institutions. The suffering wrought by the decision to close the Church’s affiliated institutions would be immense.

This would truly be the Church’s nuclear option – an avenue She would take only if no other choice presented itself.

2. Paying the Fines

Those who refuse to obey the mandate will be penalized with fines. Church businesses could avoid the mandate by paying fines of $2000 for each individual employee employed by the institution.

For historical comparison, one can examine the British government’s attempt to repress Catholicism during the Elizabethan era. In the late 16th century, refusal to attend established Church of England services resulted in fines. At first, the fines for not attending state-sponsored services were comparatively small. Later, the British government increased the fines to massive amounts, and only extremely wealthy Catholics could afford to pay them.

The likelihood of Catholic businesses paying fines to the government on a large scale is slim, for two reasons. The first is that most Church businesses simply don’t have enough money to afford paying the fines the government would be imposing; only wealthy Catholic businesses could utilize this option. Also, this option would legitimize the mandate, effectively acknowledging that the state has the power to subordinate religious institutions to itself.

3. Passive Resistance

The Church could choose to take a path of passive resistance, refusing to close affiliated institutions while at the same time refusing to pay the government-mandated fines penalizing businesses for not complying with the mandate. This would force the government to punish these institutions in other ways.

Essentially, this option would be a form of civil disobedience: the refusal to obey an unjust law, which has historical precedent in the civil rights movement. Civil rights leaders adopted tactics of passive resistance to fight racial discrimination, crowding jails, refusing to pay fines, and not obeying what they rightfully considered to be unjust and discriminatory laws.

This is a potentially rewarding strategy, but one fraught with peril. The danger is that not enough Catholics would join in, allowing the government to punish Catholics without media or public outcry. However, this option, if adopted by enough Catholics, could shame the Obama administration into relenting. The spectacle of Catholic charities punished or shut down by the government because they refused to deny their faith would draw the sympathy of fair-minded citizens and spark a massive public outcry.

4. Obama Caves

This, of course, would be the ideal outcome. President Obama could simply rescind the HHS mandate regarding Catholics and contraception, and no conflict of religious liberty would exist.

It is very unlikely that this outcome will occur. If the Church and Her allies were able to bring enough pressure on Obama, he might be forced to bend, as he did on the issue of gay marriage. (Of course, Obama actually supports “gay marriage.”) There is the infinitesimal possibility of an “October surprise” – a decision to “give in” to the Church before the election, in order to pacify recalcitrant Catholics.

However, Obama and his administration implemented this contraception decision in an election year, and he has since sworn that he will not compromise on this issue. He and his feminist allies wanted this fight badly; nothing save incredible pressure or a miraculous change or heart would cause him to relent.

5. The Bishops Cave

Hypothetically speaking, the bishops could give in and permit Church-affiliated institutions to accept the HHS mandate. But there is absolutely no chance that this will happen.

As previously noted, every single Catholic bishop in the United States of America opposes the mandate. Besides, the Church could not defend Her teaching on contraception if Her institutions were forced to provide it to their employees. If the Church were to cave on this decision, She would immediately lose all moral authority.

So what will happen?

No one knows exactly what will happen if the mandate remains in place. It is most probable, however, that individual Catholic businesses will adopt a combination of the aforementioned paths. A few wealthy businesses may pay fines to the government and skirt the mandate. Poorer, smaller Catholic-owned businesses may be forced to shut down. Charities may continue to operate and refuse to pay the fines, daring the government to shut them down.

Cardinal Francis George of Chicago succinctly summarized the Church’s options, declaring: “A Catholic institution, so far as I can see right now, will have one of four choices: 1) secularize itself, breaking its connection to the Church, her moral and social teachings and the oversight of its ministry by the local bishop. This is a form of theft. It means the Church will not be permitted to have an institutional voice in public life. 2) Pay exorbitant annual fines to avoid paying for insurance policies that cover abortifacient drugs, artificial contraception and sterilization. This is not economically sustainable. 3) Sell the institution to a non-Catholic group or to a local government. [I did not examine this option, because the institutions in question would cease to be Catholic.] 4) Close down.”

It is difficult to say which option the majority of Church businesses will take, if the mandate remains in place. But this much is clear. The Obama administration’s HHS mandate is nothing less than a declaration of war against the Catholic Church and religious liberty – and the Church will defend Her teachings on the morality of contraception with Her very life.


Paul Wilson works as a media analyst for the Culture & Media Institute, a division of the Media Research Center. He is the founder and editor of Gray Matters, and is a regular contributor to the New Agora and You can contact him at, and follow him on Twitter at @PaulWilson34.

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Paul Wilson


Paul Wilson is a M.A. Candidate at the Catholic University of America. He is the founder and editor of Gray Matters, and is a regular contributor to The Subsidiarity Times and You can contact him at, and follow him on Twitter at @PaulWilson34.

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  • Onewillysone

    It must be known that authorities often act on full or partial ignorance of the facts. A peaceful, civil disobedience can make them realize what they are really trying to do. Although is a not-long-term solution due to they will therefore work to minimize the Church good deeds in the long term.

  • faithful in colorado

    Unfortunately this whole debacle was inevitable. Too much silence from the pulpits in regard to official Church teaching, lax catholicism infecting the folks in the pews and the contraceptive mentality taking a firm hold on the culture. Only one way out now; white martyrdom of the Faithful and the New Evangelization (pope Benedict 16th) which will bring about a “springtime” of the Church. (pope JP2).

  • Peter Nyikos

    6. Prevail upon Mitt Romney to do his homework on this issue, so that he will be fully prepared to debate Obama on this issue, ready to refute Obama’s most up to date propaganda.   This would greatly enhance his chances of winning in November and thus in a position to cooperate in the dismantling of Obamacare in Congress.

    The homework track record of past candidates is not good.  Neither Dole nor McCain consulted with National Right to Life (NRLC) on how best to approach the issues of abortion and infanticide, with the result that Dole didn’t even bring up partial birth abortion in the debates, while McCain only could muster arguments on Obama’s Illinois condoning of infanticide that were half a year old.

    Obama effectively countered McCain with arguments that had been refuted by NRLC about two months earlier, and even FactCheck refuted some of Obama’s arguments, and  so McCain paid the price for neglecting his homework.

  • Gadjmljj

    Even with all this debate about the HHS mandate, we STILL have heard little to NOTHING from the pulpit or bishops about WHY contraception is wrong!  You are asking  Catholics to be willing to fight for something that the majority of Catholics don’t even believe in or understand why it is wrong.  I do believe and follow the Church’s teaching on this….but SO many Catholics….I think it’s about 95% are using some form of birth control or sterilization!  BISHOPS SHOULD BE REQUIRING THEIR PRIESTS TO START TEACHING THIS “REGULARLY” FROM THE PULPIT.  It is such an important issue for marriage and family…..which is falling apart in our society….I believe largely because of contraception.

  • posterchild1

    And what exactly will civil disobedience look like?  for a school?  for a hospital? for a university? for a radio station? for a Catholic-owned business?  we need to start thinking this through now.

  • Patrick Williams

    The long range tragedy is the creation of a new kind of “tax”.  Why not call it a fine for non compliance with the “order to purchase”.  We have gone over the edge.

  • edmundburk

    how are we going to prevail upon romney? he’s admitted he is progressive and he’s LDS, which means, they are not against contraception. I just don’t see romney covering us on this issue.

  • This will separate the men from the boys as they say.  Lets see who the “real” Catholics are.

  • Looking Ahead

    Just a reminder – Dhimmis are allowed to practice their religion if they pay the jizya (a tax).  This sounds a lot like a tax to be allowed to practice a religion.  It is not just something that we escaped in England.

  • Blessed to beolic Cath

    Since the HHS mandate  will not affects companies that only employ Catholics and only care for Catholics, all hospitals, schools, universities and other Catholic entities should send out notifications of intent to pink slip all employees of these institutions that are not Catholic and also notify the public that non-Catholics will no longer be accepted as patients, clients, etc. as required by the government in order to maintain their beliefs. Can you imagine the havoc when all non-Catholic students at universities suddenly have to find another school this fall, local Catholic hospitals let non-Catholic employees go, and not admit non-Catholic patients, putting a horrific burden on all other facilities. These institutions would have to scale back and stop taking government funds but ….. wouldn’t it be possible?? Catholic Charities could once again work with Catholic adoptive parents using only babies of Catholic women who do not believe in abortion. Of course, like under Hitler, many non-Catholics will convert in order to avoid the repressive government. The Church, in her charity, is open to all.
    I have opined for over 30 years that we have not had any real moral teaching from the pulpit. It’s time to start and clarify once again the teachings that have always been held. if silently.

  • Mrgrt

    I think people who use contraceptives have left the church physically but remain Catholic in name only.. They knew it was sinful and left for that reason. When I was a young mother and contraceptive use was beginning to be popular I heard a woman in a nearby confessional crying and talking fast as if appealing. The priest spoke firmly to her but she was not pleased and dashed out. I thought the conversation was about contraception and that he told her that it is a sin and is forbidden. Some dissidents were suggesting the Church would change it’s law on contraception and they kept pressuring the Church and making a big deal of it in the news. The world adopted contraception and our people were hearing the call to come away…and many lost faith. We are responsible for our own actions. Now the next generation need to learn from scratch because they have learned to distrust the Church as a result of their parents view.

    My siblings left the Church and practiced birth control. Now the next generation know nothing about it because the Culture they live in is 90% antiCatholic. Don’t blame the Church. “For lack of knowledge souls perish” the Bible says. Today spreading the truth should be a major concern for all Catholics. We too are the Church. We have the duty to be witnesses, not wasting time blaming the priests. Priests did not know how or why they had to explain these things. I believe for the most part they could not understand it themselves. There are classes for NFP so that people can learn.

    I can’t imagine priests “explaining” this from the pulpit. It’s doesn’t seem appropriate in front of children.  The Catechism says,”contraception offends against the openness to procreation required of marriage and also the inner truth of conjugal love.”  I learned about NFP first from the Catholic newspaper. I wanted to follow God’s law, so when I married and discovered we were terribly poor, I used that understanding and support of the Church.  We did not have 11 children like my parents had.  The culture has need of the knowledge of God. Tell them.

  • Is this really happening?

    Ugh. I’m so upset that this is happening in this great country. Who knew that religious freedom would be an issue in 2012?!?! I supported President Obama in 2008 both financially and in the voting booth, but as a Catholic, I feel like I’ve been slapped in the face. The President WILL NOT have my vote this year. The thought of Catholic institutions closing down over this makes me ill. It cannot happen!

  • Ktflynn10

    It is not “lax Catholicism” to want justice and adequate healthcare for all.  This is 2012 and, in my opinion, it is high time that the Catholic Church has caught up.  The mandate for providing birth control under the affordable care act is more about the MEDICAL CONDITIONS that this type of therapy can treat.  OVARIAN CANCER, CERVICAL CANCER, and many other gynecological cancers are treated and prevented by this medication.  
    Although many Catholic institutions are religiously affiliated they are still employers in our country and MUST abide by OSHA standards that require equality and fair-treatment for ALL employees.  With regard to the argument against same-sex oriented individuals rights under this law I have to ask: What Would Jesus Do?  Jesus did not teach prejudice, hatred, or exclusion.  God taught love and acceptance.  IT ITS NOT “lax catholicism” to want affordable care for these individuals.  In fact quite the opposite, it IS the Christian thing to do.  
    I remind many of these readers of a story: A man dying of terminal, incurable disease refused medical treatment and instead prayed and prayed to God for a miraculous cure. God will provide all, the man said.  I have no need for modern medical intervention.  Despite the man’s prayers for miraculous healing he succumbed to his illness and met God.  The man asked, “God, I prayed and prayed for miraculous healing.  Why did you not answer my prayers?”  God said to the man: ” Why did I not answer your prayers?  I sent you Doctors, medical advancements, diagnostic technology, medication.  I provided you with the answer to your prayers, so what are you doing here?”
    Birth control, contraceptives, and many sterilization procedures ARE these types of medical procedures that SAVE LIVES.  Stop relying blindly on the Bible, THINK and let people’s prayers be answered.

  • faithful in colorado

    And the same Jesus told the woman caught in adultry “my daughte,r does no one condemn you, nor do I condemn you, go and sin no more” contraception is a mortal sin and the Church that Jesus established has clearly taught this to be so. Again, Jesus said to His apostles :He who hears you, hears me and the One who sent me. Go therefore into all nations teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you” (including the ten commandments for He did not intend to do away with the Law, but to fulfill the Law.) Yes, God Loves us so much that he doesn’t want us to remain as slaves to sin. He suffered died and rose again so that we might live in the freedom as sons and daughters of God…free to serve Him with our whole heart, soul, mind and strength.”for he whom the Son sets free is free indeed.” Of course the Catholic church has encouraged the government to help provide health care for all in this country, but not at the expense of being an accomplice to people committing sin. The  Obama administration does not have to force Catholics to violate their conscience, but is pushing this agenda to please the radical feminists and other voices on the left. No matter, no Gov’t power or radical group will be able to destroy this Church, for the gates of hell will not prevail against Her. That’s a promise you can stake your life on!

  • Ktflynn10

    So a woman should have no control or say over what happens to her own body?? I REFUSE to believe that I commit sin for thinking so.  Medical science has shown that after the 4th pregnancy, subsequent pregnancies increase in risk for the life of the fetus and mother.  These conditions include but are not limited too: postpartum hemorrhage, heart attack/ stroke, preeclampsia, placenta previa, uterine prolapse/rupture, gallbladder disease, etc… ( all of these are potentially fatal). 

    I also REFUSE to believe it is a sin to take oral contraceptive medication to treat MEDICAL conditions: like the ones aforementioned.  These therapies save lives and the ability to give life, by the way.It is NOT destroying the church to save lives and to give life RESPONSIBLY!!! I wonder what the real sin is:  to practice contraception and have responsible births or to bring innocent children into the world while risking the lives and livelihood for all involved?

    I am not condemning people who choose natural family planning. EVERYONE is entitled to do what feels right to them.  However, as I’ve stated, I REFUSE to believe God punishes those who use these therapies for responsible/reasonable purposes.  And believe it or not, it is not the business of the employer (whether they be Catholic or any other faith) how, and why a woman seeks medical treatment.

    I am NOT, nor is anyone else, less a Catholic for believing this way.

  • drea916

    I’m so tired of hearing that the laity have to “help out”  with evangelizing and/or spreading the word on this topic, or that topic. I’m doing everything I can. I give money to the Couple to Couple League. I tell everyone I know about the beauty of NFP and the Church’s teachings about Life. I give my newly married friends subscriptions to CCL’s magazine, I leave cd’s and booklets in the back of churches. However, I hear so very little from the pulpit about the Church’s teachings on any topic of substance, whether birth control, abortion, same sex “marriage” or even sin for that matter. I heard a token homily on contraception a few months ago, but it was okay. Not well explained. I had to wonder if the priest really believed what he was preaching. We have the Truth on our side, why don’t I hear it from the pulpit? I’m tired of doing so much work and feel like I’m a one woman army, then the clergy explain that they can’t do it all and laity have a role to play. REALLY?

  • Ktflynn10

    One of the many things this Bill champions is providing access to MEDICAL TREATMENT.  Why is it so hard for some people to understand there are several more reasons to take Birth Control than for contraceptive reasons.  This medication treats and prevents MANY types of cancers. 
     As the daughter of a Catholic School teacher I understand first hand what it is like to not have access to this medication.  This medication is essential if you develop ovarian cysts/cancer, and chronic/sever menstrual problems.  For these reasons Employers (whether faith based or not) should provide access to this essential treatment.As far as family planning goes, THIS IS NONE OF THE EMPLOYERS BUSINESS.  It is not the employers business why an employee seeks medical treatment. Many people on this blog need to start THINKING about consequences of actions.  Responsible family planning is NOT A SIN.  ” Gay Marriage” as you call it is NOT A SIN.  My fellow Catholics, who would fall under a “same-sex orientation category” are every bit Catholic and absolutely no less faithful.  Such individuals deserve access to medical treatment.Perhaps arguments such as the one in the current article is why so many Catholics are falling away from the Church.  Several teachings are archaic and often do little to speak to modern Christain/Catholics.  Jesus loved and served all and I think many people on this blog would do well to remember that.   

  • catholicexchange

    Besides the fact that you have officially made yourself the absolute judge of what is and is not a sin, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that I take issue with the assertion that it is “none of the employers business” (in all caps, no less) when you insist that your employer pay for your medical care, without qualification, or face punishment by the state. That sounds a lot like the employers business.

  • Ktflynn10

    I just want to know how it is a sin to seek medical treatment for medical conditions.  Jesus taught us to heal the sick.  How is denying reasonable treatment to life threatening conditions healing the sick.  I guess I’m just fortunate that I am from and part of a Parish that can see and understand this with regard to providing contraceptive care.

  • catholicexchange

    For the record, I want all sick people to be healed, and there is no parish I’ve personally ever heard of in which Catholics were taught that it is a sin to seek medical treatment. The Church clearly teaches, however, that it is a sin to use artificial contraception for the purposes of avoiding babies, which is what the vast, vast majority of people use artificial contraception for–and that’s why no Catholic employer can in good conscience pay for it.

    If, on the other hand, artificial contraception is medically necessary in order to preserve the life of a person, then that is allowed and is not sinful: “The Church, on the contrary, does not at all consider illicit the use of those therapeutic means truly necessary to cure diseases of the organism, even if an impediment to procreation…provided such impediment is not, for whatever motive, directly willed.” -Humanae Vitae, 1968

  • Ktflynn10

    I appreciate your response CatholicExchange.  However, in my own mind and heart I question the sinfulness of the use of contraceptives for family planning.  Again, how is it sinful to want to plan life and family responsibly? 
    I also never said that I was the official on what is a sin and what is not,  those were your words, not mine.  I believe that sin is rooted in motive and desire to harm.  If the person is not acting from this standpoint I have to call into question whether a sin actually occurred.
      In the case of contraceptive use, a person may feel they are doing the moral and just thing because they are choosing to give life responsibly.  When considering this standpoint, I feel in my heart that contraceptive use is not sinful and certainly not a mortal sin.  In the case of sterilization, if the woman is to make this choice for medical reasons, I don’t believe in my heart that this is considered a sin. And dare I say it, marriage between two people of the same sex.  What is sinful about wanting implement and share a life of love?  
    If the act is rooted in love, and carried out with love and care as the motive, and does take away from another individual, no then I do not consider it as sinful. 
     The Church may feel differently, but there was also a Catholic Church once upon a time that excommunicated an individual for preaching that  the sun, not the Earth was the center of the solar system.  Sometimes you just have to stand up for what you feel is right, even if you are standing up against the “Official” Church.

  • catholicexchange

    As your brother in Christ I hope I can encourage you to reconsider. As far as the “excommunication for preaching that the sun is the center of the solar system” thing, I assume you’re talking about Galileo, but that actually isn’t true. He wasn’t excommunicated for that (since the Church never claimed to be an infallible authority on scientific matters)–it had to do, among other things, with his belief that the Church’s authority over Scripture be subordinate to science.

    I can respect that your heart is telling you that artificial contraception is O.K., but it is Jesus who gave you your heart, and it is the same Jesus who gave us the Church to help guide our hearts–and he guarantees that his Church can’t be wrong when it comes to matters of faith and morals. The Church’s teachings can be hard to understand sometimes, at first, but there are excellent resources available to help us all. But listen to the Church! She is the “official” Church–there isn’t another one. God bless.

  • livethegoldenrule

    I think most doctors are quick to write a prescription to deal with symptoms, rather than deal with the cause, and we as patients look to them to take care of it. Most do ask for a drug to resolve it, rather than look to diet and lifestyle. The Pill is a strong chemical hormone that manipulates a woman’s body that has many serious side effects, some of which is causing cancer.  If I was told my choices were only that I had to suffer cramps and heavy bleeding each month, or take the Pill and risk aborting my child, I would rather suffer!  I have had several times in my life that I suffered from an ovarian cyst, but it resolved with better self-care.  God made our bodies to be wonderfully self-healing when we care for our bodies and give it the nutrition, sleep, and exercise it needs. We even have a recent Saint who delayed cancer treatment that would have harmed her unborn child, and it ended up costing her life to save her child!  (St. Gianna Beretta Molla).  
    As a Catholic adult, it is my responsibility to know and understand the teachings of our faith, however I might have been pro-life even if I didn’t know the Catholic faith, for it is scientific fact that a unique human is created at conception, and the taking of their life while they are vulnerable is wrong.  Whether as a taxpayer, or as an employer, I do not want my money to be used to kill the unborn, and how my money is used is my business.
    You added the topic about gay marriage not being a sin.  Marriage has been defined by God as between one man and one woman.  He even created our bodies differently so His plan is obvious to everyone, and when the two become one, new life may be created. We are all called to live chaste, and not act out on sexual desires outside the sacrament of marriage, and we always have sufficient grace to do the will of God.  That is being faithful to the commandments of God (and not all are called to the vocation of marriage).
    Jesus loved all, and to love is to speak in truth.  When He told of the importance of eating His Body and drinking His Blood, so many abandoned Him because that teaching was hard to understand. Jesus didn’t chase after them to defend the teaching, or water it down to their tastes. God’s ways aren’t our ways, but He knows best!
    So there will be people who hear the truth, will choose to “fall away.”  We must pray for their conversion back to God, that they do think of the eternal consequences of the choice of pride to sin.
    You cannot be Catholic and be pro-abortion, or redefine marriage to be something other than between one man and one woman. I invite you to seek to understand the Church’s teachings, the Scriptures on those truths, for the truth sets us free.
    God bless!

  • livethegoldenrule

    The Church offers assistance in discerning family size.  Did you know if we nursed our babies as our bodies were designed, fertility does not even return for 2-3 years?  And that Natural Family Planning is more effective than the Pill, with none of the side effects?  The problem with artificial contraception of the Pill is that it does NOT work in preventing ovulation, but in preventing the implantation of a child in the womb.  That is why it is known to be an abortifacient. 
    A sin is defined as mortal when it is a violation of God’s law that is serious. It has nothing to do with the level of rationalizing, justification, and how one may “feel” about it.  Eve rationalized eating the forbidden fruit wouldn’t hurt anything, and Satan deceived her into thinking it was good. We all suffer the consequences of original sin.  That is how Satan works–he gets us to rationalize sin as being acceptable, even good, that it doesn’t cause death (to the soul) or harm.  It isn’t love if it causes sin, or another to sin. Love is all about helping people stay in the state of grace and get to heaven.  Sex outside of marriage is only for pleasure, for it takes a person out of the state of grace, and they can lose out on going to heaven for eternity. Everyone in heaven is in the love of God, is obedient.  It is something we need to practice now, to be obedient to all His commands.  The angels who in the sin of pride decided they weren’t going to obey could no longer be a part of heaven, and hell was created for them and their followers.
    God bless!

  • This IS the line in the sand.  If Christians do not unite and take a stand against this mandate now, then say goodnight. No one will have any faith in you anymore. 

  • Cristero

    I see that the spirits have taken over innocent minds with the liberal media. Contraception is very immoral and natural family planning has saved many lives because abortions and abortifacts have caused cancers and killed many women and are the leading cause of the new genocide.