How to Expel Evil

In the first reading, St. Paul reminds us Christians to be watchful for the coming of the Lord. Since we are sons of light, we must stay awake and sober. A Christian knows that he is called to live always in the presence of God who sees all things at all times. God is his invisible master who expects him to be a light to others, to live a prayerful life and to do good works. St. Gregory the Great, pope and doctor of the Church, was always aware that his every action must be directed to guiding or edifying others. With the weak and sinful, he was patient; with the strong, he was encouraging and supportive. With the barbarians threatening to invade Rome, he was brave and fearless.

In the gospel, Jesus cures a demoniac. While he was preaching in the synagogue, the demoniac tried to disrupt the service and so Jesus expelled the demon from the possessed man. Sometimes we must also expel demons – those in us and those in other people. We must, little by little, cleanse ourselves from our sins before we are able to confront people who are possessed by evil thoughts, evil actions and evil intentions. Sometimes we must correct these people in order to help them. It is not easy to be a Christian because our battle is sometimes with evil men. We need God’s help and strength to expel demons, the evil around us.