Horrifying: Aborted Babies Disposed of in Russia

Russia Today is reporting on the disturbing story of 248 aborted babies found in a mountain area near the town of Nevyansk. The fetuses ranging in age of 12-16 weeks are believed to be disposed of by a company that handles biological disposal for hospitals in the area.

Elena Mizulina, official for the State Duma committee on Family, Women and Children “believes the fetuses were intended for pharmacological and cosmetological purposes.”

Russian law allows abortion until the 12th week and after only if the mothers life is at risk. Because most of the aborted unborn babies are after the 12th week Mizulina believes they are from illegal abortions.

From the story:

Some believe the fetuses were “leftovers” of a negligent experiment: “I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end it turned out that someone was gathering research material for a dissertation, and then just threw it away in this manner,” said an unidentified doctor  in an interview to Gazeta.ru.

Gynecologist Yuliana Abaeva also believes the fetuses may have been intended to serve as the source of vaccines: “It could be an unused abortive material for vaccines or fetal therapy, which is a cell therapy, extremely popular in cosmetology,” she said in an interview to Russian News Service.

Local officials say it is likely the fetuses were being transported for disposal since they are considered Class B biological waste and required by law to be incinerated.

Lisa Correnti


Lisa Correnti, the Director of Operations for the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM) in Washington, DC. This article courtesy of the "Friday Fax" of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM).

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  • A total disregard for the dignity of the human person is a foundational principle and premise of a socialist/communist society.  In essence, God goes first, then all things that are built on a foundation of the Divine – out-croppings of the Natural Law, are suppressed, ignored, denied, destroyed.  Truly, the end-game?  WE ARE NOT DESCENDED FROM THE APES, BUT, WE ARE RAPIDLY GETTING THERE.

  • Thank God for the Warning: thewarningsecondcoming.com … Who am I to Divinely Judge? I’m nthn. God bless you.

  • Monica

    I would call them “embryos”!

  • Lizizpizt

    Then you would be wrong

  • Donnaremax

    They are not embryos. They are babies. A baby at week 7 in the womb has a heart beat and can feel pain. A baby at 8 weeks if almost fully developed. A baby at 10 to 12 weeks if fully developed if anyone tells you differently just look it up for your self. A baby can also survive outside the womb as early as 6 months. I hope this helps clarify. Regardless this situation is devastating.To just discard the babies like this. They should be buried and please pray for all mothers and aborted children.

  • Ets2ys4u

    When you reach 80 years old it becomes abundantly clear that the one part of you that does not age is the soul.  You watch your body and sometimes your brain matter deteriorate while that special invisible part does not and when you die everyone around you dares not to speak of the reality of your soul departing the body.  We do not know for sure when the soul enters the body but we do know that if the body is alive, the soul must be present.  Time to face the reality and the conclusions. There will be consequences for each and every deliberate abortion. Time to beg for forgiveness before it is too late.  The Russians are hedging their bets at the 12 week cutoff.

  • Michellemabelle

     You need to finish your high school biology class, that’s completely inaccurate information you’re spreading. Disgusting.

  • Peter Nyikos

     Don’t let Michellemabelle bother you– you are accurate about them not being embryos: human embryologists universally switch from “embryo” to “fetus” at 8 weeks past fertilization.  And NIH refers to them as “babies” in:

    The only thing you wrote that could be construed as inaccurate is “fully developed”: the lungs are not fully developed until close to the 6 month mark you mention.  That is the main reason they do not survive at an earlier age.  Also, the cerebral cortex is not fully developed, but that does not mean the baby is unconscious: consciousness is possible without a cerebral cortex.  This was emphasized in an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in the March 24/31, 1989 issue.  See:
     “The Use of Anencephalic Infants as Organ Donor Sources”,
        D.A. Shewmon, A.M. Capron, W.J. Peacock,, B.L. Schulman

  • Peter Nyikos

    Wrong, see my reply to Donnaremax.

  • Embryosurvivor

    So were you! and Thank God someone chose life. 

  • Ekleckner

    OK, what is it if it’s not human, maybe dog or a cat..doesn’t matter what any doctor or medical group calls it.  My God take the damn blinders off and WAKE UP. They were going to be human beings….maybe the next person that was thrown out could’ve found a cure for all cancer…this world has turned into a DEATH culture…Come Jesus Christ soon..