Homosexuals’ Complaint against Health Canada Lists Negative Health Consequences of Homosexual Lifestyle

A group of homosexuals headed by Gens Hellquist, director of the Canadian Rainbow Health Coalition, has filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC), in which they detail the numerous statistics that prove the high-risk nature of the homosexual lifestyle.

The group claims that Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada discriminate against the country’s homosexuals by not providing “equitable levels of programming supports based on needs when compared with programming supports from the general population and other minority populations.”

The group supports their complaint by claiming that the Canadian health system does not allocate specific funding to deal with “those health issues where gay, lesbian and bisexual (GLB) communities are disproportionately affected” and argues that this is a form of prohibited discrimination based on “homophobia.”

Statistical evidence is then proffered, in the group’s 10 page complaint to the CHRC, of the health issues which “disproportionately affect” the homosexual community, including:

– The life expectancy for gay and bisexual men is 20 years less than the average Canadian man;
– GLB people commit suicide at rates ranging from twice as often to almost 14 times more than the general population;
– GLBs have smoking rates ranging from 1.3 to three times higher than average;
– GLBs become alcoholics at a rate 1.4 to seven times higher than the general population;
– GLBs use illicit drugs at a rate from 1.6 to 19 times higher than other Canadians;
-GLBs experience depression at rates ranging from 1.8 to three times higher than average;
– Homosexual men comprise 76% of AIDS cases and 45% of all new HIV infections;
– GLB populations are at a higher risk of lung and liver cancer;
– Homosexual and bisexual men suffer a higher rate of anal cancer than heterosexual men;
– Lesbians report a higher rate of breast cancer;
– GLBs experience verbal and physical abuse at a greater rate than most Canadians.

Similar statistics have been mentioned numerous times in LifeSiteNews reports on the serious negative health consequences of homosexuality.

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  • Joe DeVet

    The ultimate logic of socialism and socialized medicine–“…to each according to his need.” (Karl Marx) They are basically saying, “Our chosen behaviors put us at higher medical risk. The conclusion drawn from this fact is not that we should change our behavior, but that YOU must give us a disproportionate share of the very scarce dollars available.”

    We in the Church must be careful what we ask for. There are many talking points in our state and national bishops’ conferences’ lobbying guides that demand ever more government-subsidized health care. We’re collectively (appropriate word) lobbying for the very system that brings the sort of logic illustrated above. As well as the logic of euthanasia, contraceptives and abortions funded with our taxes, long waiting lines, a snuffing out of the incentives for new developments in medicine, and political favoritism. If we get what we ask for, we’ll have yet another bitter battle over life issues on our hands.

  • GaryT

    All excellent points. I might add also that an entitlement system denies the possibility of love, which is at the core of our faith. The Catholic Church formed the hospital system as a concrete means to love our neighbor through providing medical care to them. When medical care is an entitlement, it can no longer be given as a gift of love. Increases in socialism result in decreases in Christian love.