Homily: For God’s greater glory

The phrase “for God’s greater glory” refers to the good works we do as Christians that inspire others to glorify God, the ultimate source of all that is good. We must keep this in mind because it is essential in uniting us in carrying out the will of God as revealed to us by Jesus. When David marched triumphantly back after slaying the giant Goliath, King Saul was so jealous that he contemplated killing David, but this was diffused by Jonathan’s timely advice. King Saul felt that he was robbed of his glory in the battle against the Philistines.  Again, we find the same situation happening to the authorities when Jesus’ fame and following grew to such great extent and had robbed the glory from those who had been comfortably enjoying the power and prestige of being in authority. They had lost their credibility when Jesus stepped into the picture. This led to their plotting to get rid of Jesus.  Today, we find this kind of behavior all over the world. Groups that are working for peace and justice are being persecuted.  Those who rally against greed, exploitation, or corruption, suffer the same fates.  Even among and within religious groups there is self-centered rivalry.  Instead of rejoicing and celebrating the progress towards uniting in love, we allow the poison of envy to consume and divide us. Consequently, relationships are destroyed. If we profess to believe in God and in love, our actions must reflect our words.