Holy Week: The Stage is Set…

The stage is being set for Our Lord’s culminating act on this earth. His physical body is being anointed in preparation for this finale. The antagonists are in their place continuously criticizing the illogical actions of Our Lord. Now, all that’s left is a final hollow death blow for everyone to witness.

We have the privilege of reliving these events after it has transpired so that we can continue to learn from these narratives. Does our seemingly good intention have a hidden ill effect? Do we just join outreach programs for show or do we really want to help the less fortunate? Do we treat as collateral damage other personalities that have hindered our selfish ambition for more power so that we may solidify our privileged position in civil society?

The greater good seems to have been placed on the back burner in order for evil desires to take over. There’s no rejoicing and wonder for a man who was brought back to life. There’s no love for a woman’s actions in honor of Our Lord. There are only envious looks and maleficent plans being percolated. What good can come out of this?

God always knows the bigger picture. This seeming defeat at the hands of evildoers is just the pretext to a defining triumph. We are reassured that even if we plunged into darkness and despair, the Lord will save us because he has gained victory over the abyss of death. We will always be in his love as long as we don’t give in to our sinful nature. We need to keep praying and stay on course because through his grace, everything will fall into place in his appointed time.