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Here we are, coming to the end of Advent. Many of you have already set up your Nativity scene and are starting to reflect on the joy of the infant Lord coming to earth to save us all from death’s sting. This is also a time for giving and it is in that spirit of charity that I come to you, my dear readers.

In this time of Advent, I especially see how important the ministry of Catholic Exchange is. Against the consumerism, secularism, and apathy of our culture, we at Catholic Exchange are crying out, like St. Augustine, “Awake, mankind, for God has become man for you!” The passing of Advent and the joy of the Nativity has been replaced with rushing and stress as we have to buy the latest toys and gadgets, but we are here reaching nearly a million people from across the globe and telling them that God has even greater gifts for them.

This call of Catholic Exchange, to make saints in our own time, is essential and needed now more than ever. The world is in darkness and needs to hear the good news of Christ who was born in the manger and endured death and resurrection for them; they need to hear that God loves them enough to bring them greater peace than the world can offer. Our call is a radical one, but it’s sorely needed.

However, this call takes resources. I dedicate many hours, working with dedicated writers and creators to find a new way to reach hundreds of thousands throughout the world. We publish articles, offer podcasts, and daily inspiration all for free to every reader that finds us. However, providing this necessary service is far from free to produce.

Wanting to be good stewards, we stretch every dollar to do good work. We don’t waste a dime and are able to provide this essential witness of Christ’s love from a small budget. That budget, however, has been stretched and I need to ask you to help us allow Catholic Exchange to thrive and grow, reaching even more people throughout the world who cry out to learn of God’s love and peace.

The demand for our work has grown so much that we are truly at a crossroads. Without your support of Catholic Exchange, I am afraid that we may indeed have to cut back on some of our offerings. As of right now, we will need to raise $60,000 to just cover the basics of 2017. Considering all the work that we do, that’s not a lot of money. However, I don’t just want to remain standing still but want our good work to grow and reach even more people; we want the world to be filled with new saints, new converts, and people who come from all over the world to bear witness to Christ and shake the world from its self-imposed isolation from God.

I get emails every week about how we have changed lives: people who have entered the Catholic Church because they happened upon a post on facebook, parents who turned their home into a truly domestic church because a friend shared an article, and especially those who finally felt that peace that surpasses all understanding from stumbling onto a word of encouragement in our articles or podcasts. My friends, you can help us to continue. If Catholic Exchange has touched your life in any way, would you now consider donating $50, $100, or even $500? You can visit this link to choose any amount you’d like to donate. No amount is too large, nor too small.

As well, if you are able, consider becoming a monthly donor. If even just half of you committed to donating $25 a month, we could end this fundraiser and do some amazing things for the Kingdom of God.

Whether you can donate today or not, please do keep Catholic Exchange and I in your prayers. These prayers sustain and feed us and I can’t thank you all enough for this.

A blessed Advent to you all, my dear readers, and may the peace of that Christ Child warm your hearts as we come upon this blessed Christmas season.

In Christ,



Michael J. Lichens is the Editor of Catholic Exchange. When he's not revising and editing, he is often found studying and writing about GK Chesterton, Religion and Literature, or random points of local history. He holds an A.M. from the University of Chicago Divinity School and a BA from The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts.

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